UnNews:Horrific rape was really victim's own fault for dressing like a slut

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14 July 2009

If you don't want to end up like this, don't dress like a fucking tramp.

LOS ANGELES, California - The police investigation into the rape of 18-year-old Tara McKenzie was called off today after evidence emerged that the victim may have been asking for it. The teenager was set upon and brutally raped by a gang of men, presumably black, as she walked home from a nightclub last Saturday night.

"We initially thought that this was a vicious crime," said a police spokesperson. "The young woman presented to the ER with a broken jaw, severe bruising and rectal bleeding. It's clear that this was a particularly brutal rape. The men held her down and kicked her repeatedly in the face before taking turns raping her over and over."

However, it has since emerged that the teenager's clothing and demeanour may have led her attackers on. "She was dressed like a slut," the police spokesperson told a packed press conference. "I mean, she was wearing a tube top and a mini-skirt. When you dress like that you're just asking to get raped. Not to mention that when she was in the club she was totally flirting with everyone. She was acting like a real whore."

Taking into account the girl's clothing and demeanour, and the fact that she was drunk and decided to walk home alone late at night, the police decided to call off the investigation. "It was her own fault. She should have been more careful," the police spokesperson told reporters. "You can't really blame a man if his urges get the better of him when some slut walks past drunk and alone. They're only human."

At the press conference, a teary-eyed Ms. McKenzie accepted that she is to blame for the violent rape she suffered: "It's my fault. I'm a dirty stupid slut!"

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Rape Crisis Center told UnNews: "Women need to learn that they can't just dress and act however they want and then expect men to just leave them alone. Men have sexual urges, and if you insist upon dressing provocatively, you're going to get raped, and you have no-one to blame but yourself."

This is just the latest in a series of attacks that turned out to be the stupid bitch's own fault. Last week, New York police called off their investigation into the case of 17-year-old Katherine Palmer, whose raped and dismembered body was found in a bin in Central Park, after it came to light that she was eating a popsicle suggestively, had had highlights placed in her hair and was generally acting like a total tramp.