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16 May 2007

The all loving and all forgiving evil sodomite.

LAKE OF FIRE, HELL - The Reverend Jerry Falwell has begun organizing a "moral campaign" on Tuesday, after being distraught with what he claims as "immorality and hedonism" morally supported by the almighty creator, God.

"When we rejected him at the gate, you should have seen the look on his face. Fucking priceless." St. Peter told our reporter Tuesday afternoon between drags on his cigarette, "I'd trade the eight-ball in my pocket a thousand times over just to see that again."'

Within hours of being dragged away to Hell, the Reverend became sickened and decided to wage a moral campaign against the Alpha and Omega. "This is not the God of the Good Book, this God loves everyone, does not oppose the homosexual agenda, and feels we have a responsibility to help the poor," said Falwell as hot coals were forcibly inserted into his anus. He continued, "God is an immoral sodomite, and should not be tolerated by good Christian people." Falwell has already raised thousands of dollars from the citizens of Hell during his new and yet-to-be-titled campaign, which he plans on spending wisely. "We are going to forward this agenda, and good will triumph over evil."

Our reporters attempted to pray to God, but He could not be reached for comment.