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7 August 2007
CensorShip-- Today Reports From an Advisible Idiot Who goes by the name AAAAAAA! Unidentfied Source. reports that Censorship is a piece of shit that should just be deleted and is by no means good for Americans. Local Broadcaster Jerry Springer says. "Why i love to Strangle and kick the guy who made censorship because it made my show give up on ever being way more intresting. Congress which has just acquired A new chair, A Xbox 360 A Black Member a janitor who isn't mexican And results showing americans are more than happy To Get Rid Of Censorship and just get it over With, censorship. No Thanks to censorship America Will be renamed to Alatta Freespeach and Money.

America's New Name Starting January 13 2037

Musical Artist Such As Tupac, Akon, 50 Cent, Gewn Stefani, Mr. T, Anyone Who Raps, Mexican Singers and Pop Artists Dont Care If They Cant Sing about anything Because Censorship isn't stopping them from cursing in the rest of there songs..

Apparently The Internet Community Is Currently Being Bombarded With Censorhip and Is Making Everyone The Oppisite Of Happy.

The next improvement to be addressed is passage of the new and improved Fairness Doctrine requiring equal time be given on public airways to every side of all controversial issues, thus neutralizing "conservative" talk radio, and giving the advantage of the always-fair and unbiased, television news programs.

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