UnNews:California Stupidity Hits Biggest Level in Nearly 40 Years

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Saturday, February 4, 2023

'Sunday Papers Podcast' host Mike Gibbons says "Community college was the best fifteen years of my life-and I want it to be for my daughter too!".

High school students shuffled along an ill-kept sidewalk in front of their high school in San Francisco after a series of college entrance examinations on January 21, 2023.  Like the cracked sidewalk, these students have severe breaks but for these students it is in thought;  California has been slammed by a tsunami of stupidity since 2019 which delivered massive amounts of dipshits, morons, and dumbasses to the Community College, California State University, and University of California systems.  There are no signs of help on the horizon.

The statewide teenage population, the source of nearly three-thirds of California’s college students, is at its highest level of stupidity since when their stupid parents preceded them into college, boosting fears that not only an end to the drought of intelligence will never occur, but also raising concerns that what few bright people there are could melt into the population of dolts and trigger 100% saturation of dumbasses.  The 'Dumbageddon' has struck.

Not since 'Toy Story' packed movie theaters, Steve Young led the 49rs to yet another Super Bowl win, and gasoline cost $1.20/gallon has there been so many idiots and maroons in California.  "Maybe an earthquake will sink California as far east as the Colorado River and wipe out the lot of 'em." said one Arizona resident.  "Wishful thinking-one can only dream.".

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