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31 July 2009

Court Drawing of Brian Peppers, his real photo is actually worse.

DAYTON, Ohio -- Today Brian Peppers was executed by lethal injection, after a jury voted 9 to 6 in favor of execution. The Brain Peppers page now redirects to Brain Peppers at Uncyclopedia.

"Brain Peppers was an unfunny Internet Meme that even 11 year-olds don't find funny anymore!" quoted one juror, while another claimed "Brian Peppers is worse than pedobear and deserved to be executed." The Judge made a statement "Brian Peppers you are the worst person since Adolf Hitler and it is my pleasure to sentence you to death, so that we keep the world children safe from the likes of you. May God not have mercy on your soul. I order that all Wiki articles on you be deleted as well so that there is no record that you even existed."

Jimbo Wales Brain Peppers' biological son was happy at the passing of his biological father, who once threatened to sell the Wikipedia servers at a garage sale because of the article they made about him. Obviously Wiki sites are now free from Brain Peppers' tyranny.

At Uncyclopedia nobody cares about Brian Peppers anymore. He will now be mentioned as "He who shall remain nameless" in case his ghost comes back to haunt us. Ghostbusters will be notified to be on patrol in case someone recreates his article.

In fact this UnNews article about him does not even exist. Pay no attention to it, it should be deleted shortly.

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