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Monday, May 25, 2015

Nash wrote all his formulae on the university windows, which was an absolute nightmare for his colleagues, especially the cleaners.

John Nash, the mathematician who inspired the hit movie A Beautiful Mind, has been tragically killed in a car crash involving a regular idiot with a normal-sized brain.

Nash, 89, and his wife, Tash, 82, were being driven by a taxi driver in New Jersey, presumably in an attempt to get as far away from the Garden State as quickly as possible. Perhaps because of this haste, the taxi driver crashed the car just as Nash was calculating the tip with exactitude.

Local police sheriff John McCabre told us: "Maybe if another genius had been driving the car - like Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein - this whole thing could have been averted."

Nash rose to fame as one of the world's premier mathematicians. He was so good at division that he split his personality in two, which led to him being committed with schizophrenia.

Russell Crowe, who played Nash in the movie, tweeted a confused tribute: "A beautiful mind, an American gangster, a man of steel with a gladiator's heart, Noah's faith.

"Er, LA Confidential."

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