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16 August 2008

Objects in rear-view mirror appear gayer than they gay.

San Francisco, California – San Francisco, California is known as one of the gayest cities in America and possibly is the gayest. Senator Barack Obama went there and made love with a gay man.

Obama met a fat guy named Pablo and they went to a hotel and had sex. They sucked on each others dicks and repeated the wrestling scene in Borat.

He went to a gay parade in San Francisco and got horny. Because of that, he is now gay, filing for divorce, and wants to move to San Francisco to be gay.

Pablo, the gay guy who is now Obama's boy friend, is a registered democrat and endorsing Barack Obama. He hates America just as much as Obama does and the two want gay marriage to be legalized. After his trip to San Francisco, Obama decided that he wants gay marriage legalized and will make that happen if he becomes president. He then masturbated to Pablo and the gay porn that he bought back in Chicago.

Obama then told supporters that he is moving to San Francisssco.

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