UnNews:Anger over failure of 4chan being not featured on Uncyclopedia, fatwa to ban Wikipedia announced

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17 January 2009
JNNN TV ANDA HQ, UNCYCLOPEDIA After Wikipedia featured 4chan, the shitty channel full of shit and memes, Uncyclopedians sought to try to feature 4chan on Uncyclopedia, but failed because "it was too late at that time". Inspired by Wikipedia, an anonymous Uncyclopedian, who refused to be named because nobody cares, tried to put 4chan on the spotlight, but everyone turned his request down.

"It's too attacky, and a bit ugly. And, its too late to align it with wikipedia's featuring of 4chan." says Mnbvcxz. Many people knew that it was too late, but one Uncyclopedian said: "We can try that again next year. I mean, it's not a big deal actually."

Meanwhile, a fatwa on Wikipedia was issued by the Uncyclopedian admins, who repsonded it with "a 2-year ban on anyone who visits Wikipedia". Jimbo Wales declined to comment, with the comment we only received from him was "yiff in hell, furfag".

With the only source of information being Jimbo, I reasure you I kicked his ass with the help of one million stickmen. Sadly, half of them died in the first attack, thanks to one person. But 4chan shall never be featured on Uncyclopedia! "SIEG PEAR! SIEG COMMUNIST PEAR!" one enthusiatstic supporter told me.

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