UnNews:"Kirby ate my Grandma" City invaded by pink thing

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While everybody was expanding dong, ejaculating on bananas, and robbing bananas from APES, a UFO entered a city, and out came a small pink creature. The creatures was immediately identified as Kirby!

The second that shit happened, he started going apeshit insane, SUCCing up buildings, cars, innocent little children, humans and even BOATS!!!??? For unknown reasons the creature was MAD, for unknown reasons. He even made some some yuky doodys!, the yuky doodys then proceeded to roll down the stairs onto ANOTHER yuky doody/

A survivor drew what the creature looked like, this is his drawing

After the creature calmed himself the fuck down, a hurricane, not a very powerful one, hit the city, killing 1 man and injuring 4 others.

UnNews has contacted a survivor of this storm, who lived HIGH up, and the man said this.

Cquote1.svgWell, i was going to go to Dairy Queen, because it was such a nice day, when all of a sudden, the WIND came and literally NUKED the whole town, i still am fine, because i live uphill and i have a generator, looks like my day is RUINED...Cquote2.svg
The survivor on in an interview with an UnNews reporter.

The disaster caused $9,000,000,000 in damage, but Elon Musk paid it off without going broke and DYING! But at least Elon still has some money, and just finished the first Tesla Roadster. That’s very nice.

Also, expect cum showers from 3 PM to 6:30 PM