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Yeah, this is <insert name here>.

{{USERNAME}} template abuse is what happens when <insert name here> places {{USERNAME}} templates all over an article. It generally happens when <insert name here> writes stupid articles, and then <insert name here> puts lots of {{USERNAME}} templates on the articles. <insert name here> is such a git. I really, really hate that freak <insert name here>. And there's soo many different versions of <insert name here>.

<insert name here>'s history[edit]

<insert name here> was born in a hospital, but with a very serious condition: loneliness. Doctors attempted an experiment on <insert name here> to see if their new technology would work; if so, then <insert name here> would have some company. Therefore, they used their new technology to make many clones of <insert name here>, which turned out to be a successful operation. However, several years later, <insert name here> had to visit a doctor, which turned out to be Dr. <insert name here>. Dr. <insert name here> decided that <insert name here> would have to be transferred to a hospital on a train owned by a company called "<insert name here> transport incorporated," a company formed by <insert name here>12. The condition is not known; many experts suggest that <insert name here> was just looking for attention and faked influenza, according to <insert name here>52.

Why ban <insert name here>?[edit]

<insert name here> is smitten.