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This is a passage I sadly deleted:

Codename: Popeye's Brain Spinach[edit]

Substance which increases the efficiency of mentation and perception.

  • Result: Symbol neutral vote.svg Abstain. Upon subrepticious administration of the drug, the subject held a press conference where he talked passionately about ending all illegal wars America are currently in to help decrease the national debt, end all unnecessary casualties and reinstate the Gold Standard which would make the Federal Reserve obsolete, therefore cutting inflation, getting Americans back to work and envisionning a prosperous future for the masses. That made so much sense that a lot of commoners actually started to think like the subject. The drug worked, but we just can't allow that to happen. Furthermore, it seems the drug is now acting permanently in the subject, as if he fell in it when he was young. Subject deemed as a Level 1 threat.

Talk Mattsnow 17:54, September 18, 2011 (UTC)

Various operations for various buzzes[edit]

Subproject 54[edit]

Subproject 54 directly implied that there were 53 other subprojects, this particular one being nicknamed "Perfect Concussion", which was designed to erase a person's memory. It was deemed to be a quite useful and promising drug for people who had extra-marital affairs, and Bill Clinton took great interest in this experiment. Successful modern test subjects include O.J. Simpson and "Iron" Mike Tyson. Talk Mattsnow 10:29, September 24, 2011 (UTC)