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Looked at this article again and it makes me actually tear up a little. I met four of these people a couple of months before they killed themselves, and they were very very bright eyed intelligent women and men. Highly educated. This was a good lesson for me that the human psyche has many more rooms than even I thought. The one I remember most, a tallish very nice looking brunette woman (ah, you can see why I remember her most), spoke to the group of people after she and others had posted handouts around town, and she was just so calm and intelligent. I talked to her for a little while (of course, tall, nice looking, woman), and when I read the news (today, oh boy) about her and the others offing themselves it was so stupid and needless.

What they had told us was that the universe was a holograph (which it may be) and that a spaceship would come for them and they'd be the only ones to escape it. They'd been living in the woods for a long time with their asshole of a master, and he'd sent them out to spread the word so that others would have a chance to join them on the spaceship. Way too sad, but also a life lesson of the stupidity of man on many levels. Aleister 21:16 1-1-14
Interesting! I'm actually weirdly drawn to those macabre topics, like the Jonestown Massacre, religious freaks, etc. The human mind is twisted! Talk Mattsnow 02:54, 2 January 2014 (UTC)
Hey Matt! Yeah, me too, and I'm glad I met them because I got to experience a part of that macabre history firsthand, and so when the story broke I had a little deeper perspective on it than most of the public. Some of these folks were people I had hung around with for a couple of hours and actually talked to, and they weren't pushy or weird speaking outside of the batfuck insane stuff, they just were given a mission by their supreme cocksucker of a leader to promote their talk about flying saucers and then when they got people in the room offer them a chance to go with them on the spaceship. Aleister 2:57 2-1-14