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Humour: 10 Absolutely brilliant. Not too over the top, but not to dry. It's possible that "Goldilocks" should redirect to this article. The notes at the bottom were a nice touch.
Concept: 9 A bit Brit centric, but forget anyone that says that matters. Original angle, expanded upon well, not beaten to death
Prose and formatting: 10 Dead on. Reader friendly, clean format, pretty encyclopedic.
Images: 10 Great captions. I really the consistency with the black and white images, as well.
Miscellaneous: 9.8 Maybe add a few more categories it is linked to other than BBC, like Media...and stuff.
Final Score: 48.8 Great article, glad I got the chance to review it. I have to admit it would take a much more gifted person than I to many any significant improvements to this article, as I don't see much room for any. Either way, definite VHF material. Good on you.
Reviewer: Cheers PaddyAtkinson 02:34, 31 October 2008 (UTC)

Outrageous omission[edit]

Dear sir

As a devoted listener of BBC Wireless 4, may I take the opportunity to express my consternation at the incomplete, partisan and wholly biased nature of this article.

I am sure that all reasonable British people would agree that neglecting the selfless efforts of Roy Bumley and his programme Desert Island Dicks is a very grave omission indeed.

My wife and I have been enjoying this excellent and entertaining broadcast since its inception in 1843, and continue to do so today, except when they interview some bloody foreigner.

Rest assured that I shall be writing to my local Member of Parliament in order to redress this issue, in the hope that corporal punishment will be administered.

yours sincerely

Major Charles Upset-Stomach (ret)
Uptherich Manor
Tunbridge Wells

ps: A short, sharp shock in the Army ought to sort the buggers out.


The BBC wishes to apologise most sincerely for recent remarks made on BBC Wireless 4 implying that the work of Roy Bumley was unworthy of mention. Our researcher has been sent to a desert island with just 10 copies of "The Birdy Song", a copy of the bible and a thick ear. The controller of Radio 4 is currently busy, but will offer his own apology once public protest has built up a good head of steam, and instigate an internal enquiry. The researcher responsible will be suspended for 3 months and lose BBC canteen rights for such a regretable oversight. Asahatter (annoy) 22:20, 28 November 2008 (UTC)

Justice at last[edit]

Damn good show, that man! Gladstone would never have put up with it. The slide started with that bloddy Reith chap, I always say, and Binky too.

Major Charles Upset-Stomach (ret)
Tunbridge Wells