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Damned to deletion

This page shamelessly contains subpages of halfassed prose that vandals worked hard to puke upon Uncyclopedia and therefore that we have no right to claim as our own. It may be not voted on in Uncyclopedia:Votes for deletion whether to keep it or not. Now, you'd better go check out this page's entry for the GNUassed meager reasons why we see this practice sinful

What is TFAODP? True Facts and Other Deleted Prose is a collection of legitimate information that has been deleted from Uncyclopedia for being legitimate information. This page will serve as a collection of all facts that have been posted on Uncyclopedia so that they may rest in peace. This page contains informative content that is not intended for humor and satire.

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  1. Original TFAODP (archived)
  2. TFAODP: the Sequel (archived)
  3. More True Facts and Other Deleted Prose

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