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Professor Stanley in his goodlilode professorial uniform.

Once upon a polly tito lived a remarkibold man called Stanley Unwin who inventy a sparkly sparkly languid of the new.

Biogriphode[edit | edit source]

Childerhode[edit | edit source]

Young Stan.

Professor Stan as he would later be knowed, was bordy long far awow when our worlde was fresh in univerbs in the Southland of Africay in nineteen hundry and eleven. Followy the most unfortumode fallollop and death of his fatherly he did trotty trotty all back to England, it's beauty garden in nineteen hundry and fourteen with his motherly.

Young Stan's childerhode was one of deep suffery, not only with the death of his fatherly but with the death of his older brotherly Oswald, of apendicitis with the insuffishy agey only eight yeards, O dear.

In nineteen hundry and nineteen young Stan was sendit to the National Childers Home at the agey only eight. When the time came to leavit the childers home he was sendit to Gibb's Nauticold Trainit School in Wales where he obtainit a GPO Wireless Operaters Certificade of the first class.

Adulthode[edit | edit source]

After leaving nauticold trainit Stan spendit many years aworky in the electronicage industrode before he was askit to joinit the Beebeesee as an electonicage engineer. After four more yeards he was askit to joinit the War Reporters Unit at Portsmouth from where he was sendit over and across to France and Italy to make reporty on the fine and victorial doings of the Allied what beed over there.

Upon returny home to these holy isloads of Great Britain, he took to a job of mobile recordy engineerage which involvy him in a varietode of work includy the first Down Your Way programme with Richard Dimbleby and coverede of the 1947 Royal Tour of the Southland of Africay.

Unwinese[edit | edit source]

The inspirale for the developmend of Unwinese did come from many many sourcey. The firlst being the expressimode of his motherly that she had "falolloped' in front of a tram and grazed her 'kneeclappers", after young Stan made quibblode and questy that fallollop be nockers a proper verby of the fundermold of the Basic Engly Twentyfido, she did answerforth that it must be one, otherwide she could not be say'd of it. He beed also inspirode by the workings of Lewis Carroll and nunsends poet Edward Lear.

Unwin developode his talend for distorty corruptatious of the Basic Engly Twentyfido while telly once upon a polly titos to the childers of his own at bedley time in the evelode, indeedy ho.

Fame[edit | edit source]

Stanley found his fame by accidend, this whole fame did come about because instead of use the fundermold of the basic Engly twentyfido to carry out a testy-testy 123 he did useit the corruptations gobeldygook Unwinese in some great folly.

Well, when the great boss men what reside way up and above the floor of the studio soundy worky men below did hearit this corruptatious testy testy recordy of the gibberish words and sacrilade of the Engly languid, yet clearly counjoury of the imagy it was. These great and powerful men did decideit that the maker of this strange languid would make a great comedie and giveit the opportunitode to turny and come over t'other side of the microphode, Oh yes!

It was with deep joy that Stan discoverode that he could make many toils the salary of a yeard, with one or three days of talky his Unwinese, and furtherly that his languid could make laughter amongst the peopload and giveit him opportunitodes to worky with great comedie ands such as Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers.

Unwin worked on the radiode and televode, untill became he a housey holdy name in the nineteen fiflies. He made the "Rotatey Diskers with Unwin" LP which includey many such once upon a titos and Unwin speaky on many a subjey. O yes!

As Stan's fame did grow, he made appearends in cameodes in the famous filems of the ear, such being "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and "Carry on Regardless" and in numerode commercials of the televode.

In nineteeen hundy and sixty ade, Stanley did make his greatesd contributy to the musicold when he did narrade the concept album "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" for the Small Faces, carrying the rythmold’n sound of self expressy-ho to infinny in the cosmos for sure. Deep joy.

Later years[edit | edit source]

In the nineteen eightlies Stan did make many more numerode commercials of the televode, and appearends on t'chatshows. His most famey avertisle probly beed the Amstrad wordyprocessy adverdage in nineteen hundry and eightly seven.

In the nineteen ninedies old Stan did make even more appearends on t'chatshows and recory did an adverdage for Kiss FM. He made anothey contribode to the musicold with Wubble-U on their song Petal.

After worky worky still into his lade eightodes, old Stan made his final goodlibilode and sineley hoffer of an incurable annurism in 2002. He will be remembold for his outstandifold contribode to the world of comedode, languid and musicold. Deep joy.

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