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Speculative evolution is the study “not real” animals and people. It’s all usokuso(嘘くそ) aka bullshit. It was invented by a scientist after the most orgasmic(what) acid trip. He tripped weird ass animals in the future after we all died horribly because of pollution or some shit. His name is Dougal Dixon, an absolutely insane boomer. Penis sex. Known for making shit up. Kinda cool shit though, like dinosaur people, giant mongeese known gurraths, mole rats known as desertsharks, a monkey tiger! Holy shit! Some cool bullshit! I know you’re just nutting your pants right now, it’s so fuckin cool!

Gurraths, Strigers, Bardelots, oh my!

After Man, zoophiles in the future[edit | edit source]

A book about zoophiles that were teleported to the far future and holy shit, there was a lot to fuck! Weird bat things with LEGS! Thicc legs! Penis harddd! Oh shitttttt!

Man After Man, memery in the future[edit | edit source]

In the distant future, humans were trying to create a meme lord, multiple scientists tried to make their own. They were all failed experiments that killed off all the real humans. Without the humans, the meme lords started to fight each other, the only one to survive was James and he was actually controlled by a robot on his back.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

The New Boomers[edit | edit source]

What if the boomers never die? What if no other generation came after them? Like everybody had a Facebook page with minions and dank memes never existed. What if the prices of televisions went up because the boomers wanted them so much? Find out in this book.

グリーンワールド[edit | edit source]


The Future is Furry[edit | edit source]

Everyone is anthro! Yay! Don’t be speciest!

Now that the hyenas evolved, females have pseudo-penises up to 20 inches.

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