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Urban Dictionary[edit | edit source]

N. -A really cool website, designed to be the official slang dictionary of all mankind. Much like Uncyclopedia, it is written by the readers.

Urban Dictionary   Wiktionary has an article on Urban Dictionary, but it's not as good as this one.

Hey, dude. Check out my new definition on Urban Dictionary.”

~ Oscar Wilde

#cool #website #lame #hashtags #losethem #please

by Kakun, November 17, 2018


Urban Dictionary[edit | edit source]

A website dedicated to some dick who lives in some city, brilliantly disguised as an online dictionary. The operators of the website expect the readers to understand that the actual name of the site is Urban Dick.

“So I was reading Urban Dick this morning and was totally wondering who the hell that dick was who lives in that city nobody knows its name.”

~ Oscar Wilde

#trump #Washington

by Kakun, November 17, 2018


Urban Dictionary[edit | edit source]

A parasite-ridden website where isolated teenagers make up horrifying sexual fantasies and weird sexual holidays despite the fact that they haven't interacted with a woman since they left their mother's womb

“Trust me dude, it's going to take off, I put it on urban dictionary!”

~ Some isolated teenager on his new sexual fantasy/fetish they just put on Urban Dictionary

#parasite #website #isolated #teenagers #horrifying #sexual #fantasies #weird #sexual #holidays #interact #woman #mother #womb #trust #take #off #put #on #urban #dictionary #hashtags #blessed

by Dr Jackass, February 29, -219


Urban Dictionary[edit | edit source]

The formal name of the Urban Dick website. Designed to disguise the fact that the only purpose of the site is to rip on Donald Trump.

“OMG Trump totally used one of my Urban Dick definitions last night. He was actually talking about Roseanne's plasdick!”

~ Oscar Wilde

#fucking #twitter #hashtags #suck #seriously #losethem #rightnow

by Kakun, November 17, 2018


Urban Dick[edit | edit source]

A website dedicated to the Britpop classic, "Country House". It uses this Blur song to rip on Donald Trump, and uses Trump as leverage to remind the world of this timeless song.

“He lives in a house, a very big house in the country. Watchin' afternoon repeats and the food he eats in the country!”

~ Oscar Wilde

#blur #hashtags #lame #meaningless #please #losethem

by Blur, August 14, 1995


Dweller[edit | edit source]

A creepy, socially awkward male who dwells in internet cafe-type areas and plays Magick and World of Warcraft continuously with other dwellers. A Dweller is easily recognizable as lonely and desperate for female attention of any kind. They will hit on anything that comes within eyesight. Comparing girls to characters from their favorite anime is a popular pickup line.

“Trump is an utter dweller.”

~ Oscar Wilde

#thanks #quoteismine

by Urban Dictionary, September 28, 2011


Jackanory[edit | edit source]

Story, a Britishism formed in the tradition of Cockney rhyming slang and which derives from an old kids' TV show by that name (featuring a different story every day).

“You should totally check out the upcoming Trump jackanory on UnNews. It is utter genius.”

~ Oscar Wilde

#thanks #quoteismine

by Urban Dictionary, November 15, 2004


Utter[edit | edit source]

A misspell of otter.

“Know that, Blur! I shall smash your skull like a clam on my tummy!”

#southpark #otter #britpop

by the Allied Atheist Alliance, 2546


Urban Dictionary[edit | edit source]

A website where every fucking word has to include something sexual

"Why does every definition in Urban dictionary has to include sexual things"

#Seggs #ineedgrill

By DefinitelyNotSebby294, 2069

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