Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

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This article violates Article 299 of the Turkish Penal Code for "insulting the president" and making fun of the Republic of Turkey.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Sultan of Ottoman Empire; President of Turkey; Lord-Protector of Istanbul; Imam of Konya; Conqueror of Syria
Reis sitting on the imperial throne... oh pardon presidental seat
Reign 2002 - infinity
Born February 26 1954
Vilayet of Rize
Predecessor Abdullah Gul
Successor There shall be no successor to reis
Consort Emine Erdogan the first lady
Issue Ahmet Burak Erdogan, Summeyye Erdogan, Necmettin Bilal Erdogan, Esra Erdogan


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Recep Tayyip Erdogan (also known as "Reis" in Turkey) is the president-sultan of Turkey.He ascended to the throne ehm... sorry elected as president in 2018 but he was at the centre of Turkish politics since 2002 when he was first elected as the prime minister.

A tale of an emperor[edit]

Reis in his childhood he's bored after mastering the entire science

65 years ago a person with a vision was born some say when he was born there were two moons some say all the wolwes in the area roared as he was getting out but we all know that when he was born the vilayet of rize prospered with wealth.He was a very smart child.At the of 6 he rediscovered the theory of relativity,at the age of 10 he mastered all of science and got bored out so he started football

Everyone has the start somewhere[edit]

Reis scoring his 1000th goal

When reis started football everyone noticed that he was very talented.After playing for three months he already scored more goals than all of Ronaldo and Messi combined.Then he was sold to Kasimpasha the best football team on the universe (so good that it is banned from the champions league to allow competition thats probably why you dont know it) at the price of 999999999 kuwaiti dinars thats line 999999999999 euros.Then he carried the team on his back so much that they almost won the league if he wasnt hospitalized but thats good in its own way