Pet Rock: The Video Game

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Pet Rock: The Video Game
Developer(s) Electronic Arts
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
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Engine None, really
Latest version 1.0
Release date(s) February 23, 2004
Genre Virtual Pet
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) E for Everyone
Platform(s) PC
Media CD
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Pet Rock: The Video Game is a virtual pet computer game released by Electronic Arts which centers around owning the eponymous Pet Rock. It was an attempt to revive the Pet Rock fad that occurred in the 1970s, which saw miners and quarry owners across the country become rich beyond their wildest dreams. All of the main actions in the game are pointless, as the Pet Rock does not need to be fed, played with, have its poop cleaned up, or require any sort of attention whatsoever. The game was widely successful, though nobody has a clue why. Just like the real thing!


Gameplay in Pet Rock: The Video Game consists of watching the Pet Rock. There are several main actions one can take, such as attempting to feed or groom the rock. However, these actions have no effect on the Pet Rock. There is also a set of secondary actions, such as using the Pet Rock as a paperweight, allowing the gamer to complete vast sets of tedious paperwork. If the gamer completes a certain amount of paperwork in a set amount of time, he gets to "move" the Pet Rock to another stack of paper, which is arguably the most intense part of the game.


There is no initial character selection in Pet Rock: The Video Game. The game opens with the gamer receiving one generic rock. In the real world, Pet Rocks can be customized by gluing on googly-eyes or hair made out of yarn. This was initially programmed into the game; however, memory constraints forced the developers to drop this aspect in the final release. As a result, there is no option for customization, or for the massive array of accessories the developers had programmed into early stages of the game such as Pet Rock living area, Pet Rock pet wood fragment, and Pet Rock motorcycle complete with sidecar. The Pet Rock retains its appearance throughout the entirety of the game.

Easter Eggs[edit]

Surprisingly, there are several hidden bonuses in the game which can be unlocked by the persistent gamer. These secrets are mostly additional actions that the gamer can take with the Pet Rock. For example, one of the easter eggs involves dropping Pet Rock down a hole to gauge its depth. Another consists of using the Pet Rock as a counterweight or even a doorstop. However, the most sought-after hidden bonus in the game is the so-called 'nuclear bonus', in which Pet Rock is opened and found to contain enriched Uranium 235. What follows is a hectic series of challenges, including escaping from Iranians on a jet-powered snowmobile and a climactic machete ninja gunfight taking place on a TNT transport steamboat heading over Niagra Falls.