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"O RLY? T!M O RLY?!"
"O RLY?"

Oscar Wilde on O RLY

O RLY? Media (formerly O RLY? & ASSOC!) is a publisher of books on computers, established by Bill O'Rly. They have achieved distinctive branding by using covers featuring depictions of ridiculously large-breasted anime women with penises engaged in explicit sexual acts, usually sourced from the 4chan image boards.

Smelly overweight computer nerds loudly insist that they are the standard texts on almost all commonly-used server software of the modern day, and that it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the well-being of the company's IT and programming departments for the company to pay for a complete set of them. Yeah. And some Kleenex. And screen wipes.

Owl books

For many years the most typical O RLY? books, the "owl books" are meant as a basic but thorough guide to the many and varied shapes and activities of anime plastic surgery disasters, many so splashed they resemble snowy owls.

  • NO WAI! — eight volumes on the X Window System. You have to write your own video driver to see the ch1xx0rs.
  • YA WAI! — a ninth goddamn volume. Thankfully obsolete.
  • A LH! — don't go there

Yet Another RLY!

O Rly Bush.jpg

The YA RLY! series offers compact reference coverage of a given tentacle monster, domestic appliance come to life with oddly phallic moving parts, etc., etc. The books are smaller and easier to put in one's pocket when one has an, uh, urgent need to ... visit the bathroom, that's right.

  • SRSLY? — O RLY? in a Nutshell
  • SRSLY! — YA RLY! in a Nutshell
  • SRSLY??? — Nutshell in a Nutshell
  • NAH — The Art of Project Management
  • OMG — This Is Your Brain in a Nutshell, on a Plane

SRSLY Bookshelf

The SRSLY Bookshelf offers online and CD versions of the O RLY? catalogue and are ideal for, uh, company purchase. Yeah, that's it. Just charge it to Networks.

  • R U SR — Security and verification techniques
  • O SNAP!!1!1 — Comprehensive guide to Network Appliance. (Appliance.)
  • BTCH PLZ — Administering Windows NT without access to Thorazine


Front page of the cruel, cruel LOLK channel.

The O RLY? NTWK offers full coverage of every possible eyegouging thing that furiously masturbatory anime cartoonists can dredge out of their puerile, diseased and acned minds. The full catalogue includes:

  • KWL BNS — building Java enterprise applications
  • NO URNOT — building Visual Basic enterprise applications
  • OICSporking your eyes out with 4chan
  • LOLK — Making fun of Furries (because fat smelly geeks are far more socially skilled)
  • YUR DRUKN LOL — Practical Unix terrorism
  • LIEKWOA — You're still administering Windows NT without access to Thorazine
  • FRNDTTO — Tracing spammers
  • KTHXBYE — Executing spammers
  • FK OFF U TDS CT PSS MN — The collected Hell's Half Acre