Nerds vs. Geeks

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The battle between Nerds and Geeks has already ended.

Oscar Wilde on on the war between the breeds

Score one for the republic of the nerds.

Obi-Wan on on the victory of the Nerds.

I pity the geeks.

Mr.T on on the victory of the Nerds.

I dont know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but the nerd-geek war will be fought with lasers and lame warcraft memes.

Albert Einstein on the customs of the factions.

There has been a long waged war of nerds versus the geeks. The 1000 year war has, so far, had over one trillion dollars in damages and 6 known deaths. Most of the nerdologists and geekologists have been arguing about who won.

What's the Difference?[edit | edit source]

The difference between a geek and a nerd is that nerds are simply lone, highly intelligent beings. Nerds spend their time creating new technology, such as the computer. Nerds do not seem to be interested in video games or a certain comic or even anything other than science. Geeks, however, look a bit like normal people , but they only socialize with each other. Geeks are actually a genetic family. There are different species of geeks, such as the listed: band geek, World of Warcraft geek, anime geek, Trekkie, and the classical geek.

Sometimes, the interests of both factions are the same. Such cases have been seen with Star Trek, Star Wars, and other sci-fi films.

There is a third,though extremely rare, hybrid/crossbreed. A nereek and/or nerd-geek(there is no one fully accepted name due to their rarety)They can instantly switch between normal society and nerd/geek society.When in nerd/geek society they tend to be more of a geek outwardly but more of a nerd inwardly and though can easily enjoy the aspects of geek life usually have a overall self-assigned higher purpose which tend to bend toward the nerd part of their brain. [the writer of the third section could easily be considered a fith columist hint hint]

How Can You Tell Them Apart?[edit | edit source]

The biggest trait that you can use to distinguish a nerd and a geek, except for the time spent for studying for school, is the time spent on TV. While smart nerds watch the Discovery Channel, NGC, read Scientific American, NGM, Focus, etc., the geeks read poor comic books and watch soap operas with their grannies so that they can be loved more.

The nerds have high ranking IQ's and are able to engineer mind games stronger than the average 16 sided Rubic cubes. The geeks have the advantage of their own well structured hierarchy, with Grand Wizard Level 140 as their supreme ruler before hire their supreme god Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris has not shown divine interest with the geeks since their creation in the year 451 B.C. Though, they have their weaknesses. Nerds do not have the ability to socialize at all, even with other nerds. This has given geeks the impression that all nerds are just as frail as them, making them easy targets for an ambush with their palidans as a group. Though, it has been seen several times through history, in rare, outrageous situations the nerds will actually band together to create something similar to Optimus Prime. Last time this happened was in the post World War IV era whenever the empire of Taiwan was destroyed, which was one of the worlds largest suppliers of robots.

It is obvious that the nerds overpower the geeks.

And then comes the saying"Whoever wins...we lose"

Thats what should come to mind when the nereeks come into question...though their rare...they could be anywhere...anyone...nerds,geeks,jocks,goths, though nerds are the rulers of this war...when nereeks come into power...we all lose.(except them of course)

Notes[edit | edit source]

Nerds are also known as homo smartus or virginus nerdius. Their motto is their spiritual leader's (Mark Twain) quote: "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."

Geeks on the other hand are known as homo suckupius. They don't have a real motto except for a various version of "In order to impress Ms.<Whatever>, I have to study a lot."

Nereeks call themselves homo infiltratus imperatorus All have their own personel motto, though due to their mindsets these may be very likely ones; The ends justify the means, let's break rules but don't play the fool, we are the fearless ones, I'm indestructable, all hope is gone-except mine, NEREEK(or any other self appointed name) SUPREMACY/POWER/DOMINANCE