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Doctor Who is a British science fiction television show done by the CCB. As of the 11th of April in 2009, there has been innumerable amount of episodes, plus one American tv movie, encompassing in 151 episodes. The show's high episode count resulted in Doctor Who holding the world record for the highest number of episodes for a science-fiction program, that’s not Japanese.

First Doctor[edit | edit source]

William Shatner, Pictured in his last episode, right before his death.

The first doctor was portrayed by William Shatner, During Shatner's time, the Doctor visited a mixture of both stories set in the future and historical events that had no interior reason for being there, such as fifteenth century Mesopotamia.

Season 1 (1963–1964)[edit | edit source]

Verity Lambert and David Whitaker produced these early episodes.

No Title Code Description Episodes
001 An Unearthly Child

aka 100,000 BC
aka The Tribe of The Gum Ball Machine
aka Untitled pilot episode

1 When school yard teacher Ian Chesterton and his Love interest's fellow school teacher Barbara Wright go to their student Susan Foreman's house to talk to their student's guardian about her behavior in class, they discover he lives in a blue box in the middle of the junk yard.

Susan had been recently been talking about weird things in class, rambling on and on about a so called "4th dimension," and somehow believing that in the future Britain would use the decimal system on their money, and, strangest of all, she had claimed that in 2009 a black man would be elected president of the USA.

Susans grandfather, apparently named the Doctor, begins to worry that the two teachers will spread their story, causing another angry mob to force him to leave (just like last 7 times). To save him and to make Ian and Barbra believe his story, the Doctor takes them to 10,000 B.C., Where they discover the Tardis has become stuck looking like a Police Box.

"An Unearthly Child"
"The Cave of the Crystal Skulls"
"The Forest of Flavor"
"The GasDoode"
002 The Dead Planet sketch B When the Doctor and his companions discover a dead planet, and, after further investigation, discover that it was once in fact inhabited, and so travel back in time to warn the race of their danger. Sadly, the race finds this offensive, and informs them that 'No no it is not dead, It is simply resting!' They then inform him that they plan to refurbish the planet by releasing a gas onto the planet that would conveiniently kill all life except for them.

Note; In the Theatrical film Dr. Who; and now for something completely Exterminated; except in this version the Dalek began singing the lumberjack song...

"The Dead Planet sketch"
"The Seduced Milkmen"
"The Amazing Escape"
"The Spanish Inquisition"
"Expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro"
"The Apology"
"On the Bus (end credits)"
"Again in 30 seconds"
003 The Edge of Destruction
aka Inside the Spaceship
aka Beyond the Sun
3 or C The doctor is attempting to go some where awesome, when everyone is knocked over by an unknown force. That’s it. "The Edge of Awesomeness"
"The really scary sounding title"
004 Marco Polo A very low 4 or D, or that little bracket on a foot note. A pool game turns into disaster for the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan. "The Roof of my Mouth"
"The Creepy Sands"

"The Wall of Pies"
"Spider from Shang-Tu"
"Mighty King Kong"
"Peeking Assassin"

005 The Keys of Mario E The Doctor and friends race to collect the 120 Power Stars before the Voords. "The Semen of Death"
"The Velvet Cake"
"The Jungle that Won't Shut Up"
"The Ho's of Terror"
"Clause of Death"
"The Keys of Mario"
006 The Asthmatics F The Doctor and his companions come across a group of asthmatics, who decide that Barbra is Jesus, and hails down to her for sanctuary. But one of them who is slowly recovering has his droughts... "The Temple of bad people"
"The Warriors of not-alive-ness"
"The Bride of Sacrifice"
"The Day of Florescent lights"
007 The Censored Bar G The Doctor and his 3 companions Iiiiiiiii.png and Iiiiiiiii.png then they Iiiiiiiii.png also Iiiiiiiii.png and it turns out that Iiiiiiiii.png killed Iiiiiiiii.png fade to black, roll credits. "Stranglers in Space"
"The Unwilling Script writers"
"Hidden Dagger"
"A Foot Race Against Death"
"the Venture Brothers"
008 The Rain of Terror H The Doctor spends six episodes trying to get out of the rain. "It's a Nice Day"
"Oh Dear, it's Begun to Rain"
"Good God, let me in out of the Rain!"
"I think I'm going to get Pneumonia"
(Faint Crying)
"Oh, the rain's over."

Season 2 (1964–1965)[edit | edit source]

Dennis Spinner replaced David Whatever as script editor after The Daleks Invasion of Earth, and sadly he has not yet been located, and has been reported to be hiding out somewhere in southern Kentucky.

No Title Code Description Episodes
009 Planet of Big People I The Doctor and Susan are mocked for being short. "Plantagenet of Giants"
"Difficult Journey"
010 The Daleks' Invasion of Earth J The Doctor and others attempt to travel home, but the Doctor messes up while putting in the correspondents, so instead of going to London, 1964, they go to Loindion, 2164. They also discover that the Daleks have completely taken over the earth, for the 17th time that week. The 3 heroes {And Susan} attempt to stop the menace before they get a hold of the Monty Python 16-ton mega set.

At the end of the episode, the doctor makes his famous speech, used in the 5 doctors, saying

And one day, I shall come back, yes, I shall come back. And until then, there must be no regrets, no sorrow, no anxiety. just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Now please stop bothering me!

"World's End"
"The Daleks"
"The Day of Reckoning"
"The Reckoning of Day"
"The End of Tomorrow, being yesterday, happening today"
"Flash Gordon"
011 The Save K Ian forgets to save Pokemon Platinum and he loses all of his progress. "The Weak Enemy"
"Desperate Measurements"
012 The Romanians L Barbara is kidnapped by Romanians. The Doctor doesn't care. "The Pokemon Traders"
"All Roads lead to Oz"
"Conspiracy Theory"
"In Fur? No!"
013 The Web Planet M The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki become entangled in a war between plastic ants and kids dressed as moths for Halloween, which is orchestrated by a massive prop. "The Web Planet"
"The Starmie"
"Escape from Strangers"
"Crater of Beetles"
"The Medical Centre"
014 The Cruise Aide N The Doctor and friends take a break on a cruise ship, where the staff tend to their every whim. What? There doesn't have to be a conflict! "The Liar"
"The Night of Jaffa"
"Wheel of Misfortune"
"The Whorelords"
015 The Space Gallery O The Doctor and friends discover that there are exhibits dedicated to them and spend four episodes signing autographs for the fans they never knew they had. "The Space Gallery"
"Dimensions of Thyme"
"The Search for Waldo"
"The Final Faze"
016 The Race P The Daleks challenge the Doctor to a drag race through time, over the Empire State Building, the Mary Celeste, an Amusement Park, and Mechanus, where the Daleks get arrested, and the Doctor runs away, getting him a criminal record. "The X-Ecutioners"
"The Murder of Time"
"Fight Through Eternity"
"Journey into Horror"
"The Death of Doctor Who yet Again"
"The Planet that can't Decide what Flavour of Ice Cream it wants and holds jup the Whole Line"
017 The Time Meddler and his Little Dog Too Q The Doctor and friends investigate a ghost who is scaring people away from a clock shop, and discover that it was actually a Time Lord named the Monk who was dressing up because the owner of the shop didn't give him a job. And he would have gotten away with it, too. "The Watchmaker"
"The Meddling Monkey"
"A Battle of Zits"
017.5 Terror of the Filler Q and a half The Doctor and friends battle the deadly bubblewrap monsters of cardboard-background land, because the BBC made a slight scheduling error. 298 Episodes

Season 3 (1965-1966)[edit | edit source]

The third season of Doctor Who marked the serial The Daleks'Master Plan, the longest serial yet after Terror of the Filler, whose episodes were all burnt after one airing.

No Title Code Description Episodes
018 Galaxy 3 R The Doctor and friends visit the planet of the Drahvins, where several women are at war with a vacuum cleaner. "Four Dawns"
"Trap of Iron"
"Air Lock whose Key I Lost"
"The Exploding Star"
019 Unknown Emissary S The actors took a vacation, so we got to watch some guy die. One Episode
020 The Myth Makers T The Doctor and friends go to Troy, where a woman named Katarina stalks the Doctor. "Secret Temple"
"Small Prophet, Big Turd"
"Death of a Pie"
"Whores of Destruction"
021 The Daleks' Master Plan U The Daleks attempt to order a pizza, but realize that they don't have hands, so they can't pick up the phone. Thus, they set up an alliance, using Mavic Chen, guardian of Earth, as a tool, in the hopes that he will make the call for them. Unfortunately, the Doctor intervenes, so the Daleks have to devise a new, literal "time bomb". The Doctor, naturally, misenterprets what they're aiming to do, leading to a comedy of errors and two of the Doctor's friends dead. Eventually, the Daleks get their pizza, but realize that they don't have mouths. Twelve Episodes, each one named after a type of pie.
022 The Mascara of St. Bartholomew's Eve V Dodo feels pretty in her new makeup. "War on God"
"The Sea Burglar"
"Yeast of Death"
"Bell of Tomb"
023 The Golden Arch W The Doctor and friends head to McDonald's. "The Metal Sky"
"The Plaque"
"The Revenge"
"The Bombe"
024 The Cholesterol Toymaker X The Doctor and his 2 companions go into the tardis, now relaxed that all of the previous fiasco is over. Suddenly, the doctor becomes very talented with blending in with the back ground. The 3 Exit the tardis to discover that the man behind all of it is none other than the Cholesterol Toymaker, the local dentist. The Cholesterol Toymaker reveals that he believes that the Doctor has bad dental hygiene, and wanted to give him a check up. The Doctor, in fact, is resistant to go through with the Toymaker plans, because whenever the Doctor went to the dentist, It reminded him of his long-lost half-brother The Dentist. The Doctor agrees that if the Toymaker can beat him in a game of monopoly, that he will go to the dentist.

CONCLUSION; The Toymaker beats the Doctor, but the Doctor, in fact, has tricked him. He has said he would go to A dentist appointment, he never said it would be the toymaker. In fact, he decides to go to a one in the old west, because, come on, who wouldn't wanna do that?! As the tardis dematerializes, the Toymaker reveals he is, in fact, The Dentist.

"The Cholesterol Toy room"
"The Hall of Dolls"
"The Dancing Floor"
"The Final Test"
(episodes 1-3 missing)
025 The Gun-Biters Y The Doctor meets some humans who eat firearms. "A Holiday for the Doctor"
"Don't Shoot Kenny"
"Johnny Cash"
"The Impolite Coral"
026 The Massages Z A new massage parlour may be harbouring disaster... Four Episodes
027 The Whore Machines Oh Dear, we've run out of letters... The supercomputer WOTAN (Weirdly Over-the-Top Attacking Narwhals) uses an army of Washing Machines to dominate England. Four Episodes
028 The Airport Smugglers ... Polly wants to sneak drugs onto an aeroplane, boosting the Doctor's criminal record. Four Episodes
029 The Pointless Plot ... As the doctor and Ian exit the tardis, they discover two things; one, apparently Barbra died in the last episode, and two; there is a large spaceship heading for earth.

Note; sadly, at the end of filming the pointless plot, William Shatner, passed away. For the rest of the 2 first Doctor tales, cardboard cut-outs and star trek fans provided the role. Chris Pine provided the role for the 5 Doctors.

"The Pointless Plot"
"The Script of Peril"
"Escape to Back stage"

Second Doctor[edit | edit source]

Partike Thistle famous for his obsession with running, kicking, and saying "Oh my Giddy Aunt," or OMGA.

The Second Doctor was portrayed by Partick Thistle, whose serials were more action-oriented, and commonly featured running and goal- scoring. He retained the role until the last episode of The Board Games when members of the Doctor's race, the Time Lords, put him on trial for breaking the dress code of time.

Season 4 (1966–1967)[edit | edit source]

Peter Bryant joined as associate producer for The Faceless Ones. Because we were in a good mood at the time, we didn't kill him. We will, how ever, do it the next time we do.

No Title Description Episodes
030 The Power of the Plot twists When the doctor collapses on the floor, Ian attempts to wake him up, only to be a little shocked when the screen fades to white, then fades back, and Ian finds that a man is now laying where the Doctor was. The New Doctor gets up, and informs his confused companion that he is in fact an alien from a planet that he can not tell the name of to make the end of the 4th season more exciting. Ian is now even more confused, and asks the Doctor to drop him off in his own time. The Doctor sais he shall drop him off at DEC. 23, 1965.

When Ian looks around, he realizes that the doctor has messed up, and he's actually dropped him off on Nov. 22, 1963, the first day he entered the tardis. He realizes that if he can stop his counterpart, not only can he save his teaching career, but maybe Barbra too. He rushes to the junk yard on the other side of town, jumping over all obstacles, and some how, he makes it. Looking around quickly, he realizes that he's now entering going through the junk yard gates, and when he's about to call for them, there’s a flash. The next thing he knows, he was hit by a Deloraine.

Meanwhile, the doctor picks up 2 new companions, Ben and Polly.

6 episodes
(all episodes missing)
031 The Highlanders Jamie is introduced. That’s about it, really. To tell you the truth, the episodes kinda boring, and the fact that all the episodes are missing doesn’t help... 4 episodes
(all missing)
032 Dennis the Underwater Menace Some fish with slingshots attack the Doctor and his friends. 4 Episodes
033 Telesnaps of Death The Doctor and Jamie must stop the Cybermen, but just when they thought the risk of death was the highest, they meet the menace of the giant frog! 18 episodes
(episodes 1 & 3 missing)
034 The Macra Terror Big plastic crabs run the Earth in the Future. 4 Episodes
035 The Faceless Ones The Doctor, Ben and Jamie go to an airport to attempt to investigate the reports of missing children, who keep disappearing while on a plane.

CONCLUSION; It turns out there was a hole in the floor of the bathroom of the plane. Luckily, they were right above a hay farm at the time.

Ben decides to return to what he was doing, because coincidentally, they arrived at the exact second that he left from.

And so Jamie and the Doctor attempt to return to the tardis, but realized their mistake when they see the tardis on the back of a big truck. The Doctor had accidentally parked the tardis in a Truck- only parking space.

6 episodes
(episodes 2 & 4-6 missing)
036 The Evil of the Daleks Can the Doctor stop the Daleks for about the 17th time? Victoria is introduced, screaming. 7 episodes
(episodes 1 & 3-7 missing)

Season 5 (1967–1968)[edit | edit source]

Victor Pemberton was script editor for The Tomb of the Cybermen, and she did a pretty good job, so not only did we not kill her, we even gave him Peter Bryant's head!

No Title Description Episodes
037 The Tomb of the Cybermen When investigating the mysterious Pentagon, a group of explores discover the lost tomb of a mysterious species...

Well, I was trying to make it somewhat mysterious, but the title kinda gives it away... juess, people in the 1960's had no imagination. Victoria screams, anyway.

4 episodes
038 The Abominable Snowmen The Doctor's snowman falls over, so he levels three mountains, causing Victoria to scream. 6 Episodes
039 The Frost Warriors The Frost Warriors of Mars have thawed, and Victoria Screams. 6 Episodes
040 Earth's Enemy It's... THE DOCTOR! Sort of. Victoria screams. 6 Episodes
041 The Frightening Web The Yeti are in the sewers for some reason. Victoria screams. 6 Episodes
042 Fury from the Deep The doctor must stop stop a group of hoodlums who keep grossing out people by opening their mouths while there's chewed up gummy bears in their mouths. Victoria screams, which is actually useful this time. 6 episodes
(all missing)
043 The Wheel in Space In space... there is... A WHEEL! no really! I know its hard to believe and very unpredictable, but in space there is most defenitely, a wheel. 4 episodes
(episodes 1-2 & 3-4 missing)

Season 6 (1968–1969)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
044 The Dominators The Doctor and friends encounter some aliens on Dulkis with odd sexual kinks, and funny robots. 5 Episodes
045 The Mind Thief The BBC runs out of money. 5 Episodes
046 The Invasion The Doctor and Jamie {Oh, and Zoe too} are traveling through space when they see a missel flying towards the Tardis and they try to avoid it, but it is unstoppable and it hits the ship. Strangely enough, instead of destroying the Tardis it makes everything animated. The group continues to try and stop the animation but it doesn't, until they discover a Cyberman in a giant ca-coon as the second episode ends. 8 episodes
(episodes 1 & 4 missing)
047 The Croutons The Doctor travels to a distant future where tasty bread that goes on salad rules the world. 4 episodes
048 The Seeds of Flowers The Frost Warriors return, this time trying their hand at gardening. 6 Episodes
049 The Space Pirates The Doctor runs into the villains from Metroid. 6 Episodes
050 The Board Games The Doctor, Jamie and sometimes Zoe are trapped in a strange dimension where popular boardgames (Monopoly, Checkers, Parcheesi, E.T.C) are all linked together, and only a group of people (Including one that sorta resembles the doctor) can stop the mayhem. 10 episodes

Third Doctor[edit | edit source]

The 3rd Doctor Mr. Peewe Herman, who was famous for his Matrix-inspiring-ninja scenes, and doing all of his stunts.

The Third Doctor was portrayed by John Peewe Herman. Sentenced to exile on Earth and forcibly regenerated at the end of The Board Games, the Doctor spends his time working for UNIT, which standed for United Nations Intelligence Task Force, until 2008, when the UN accused them of ripping them off, then it was shortend to UNited Intelligence Task Force. After The Waters of Mars, United Nations repealed their acquisition, and it was returned to United Nations Intelligence Task Force.

Season 7 (1970's... or was it the 80's?...)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
051 Spearhead from Space As the tardis dematerializes, A dummy model of the doctor falls from the Tardis. Meanwhile, the Brigadier, who has showed up before but I forgot to mention it, Is shocked at his old friends discovery, and even more shocked when he discovers that this is not his old friend, but actually just some blond haired loony obsessed with his shoes. 4 episodes
052 Indiana Jones and the Silurians Famous cross over between Indiana Jones and Doctor Who. The 2 fight the Silurians, who have stolen from a local museum. 7 episodes
053 The Ambassadors of Stupidity 4 words: George Bush In Office 7 episodes
(Parts exist in black and white only, an insult to black and white.)
054 Intern-O The Brigadier's new intern has an eyepatch... and that just freaks everyone out. 7 Episodes

Season 8 (1971)[edit | edit source]

This season forms a loose arc with the introduction of the Master, who is the villain in each of the season's storylines. It gets a bit old, really. The first Master was portrayed by Ricky Ricardo.

No Title Description Episodes
055 Terror of the Autons Not only are the Doctors old foes the Autons returning, But more importantly, the Doctors old friend (Someone we've never scene before, nor has he been mentioned, but then again, you try remembering everyone you've met in the past 500 years!) who is plotting to not only to kill the Doctor, but to in the proses get his own show. He plans to use the Autons to break into the BBC studios and take over the writing staff, his first step... think up a catchy ketch phrase... 4 episodes
056 The Mind of Evil The Doctor and Jo go to the home for Criminally Insane and slightly Evil people to check up on the Master, and they discover he's escaped. When asking the guard how he escaped, the guard said he doesn't know how how he escaped, saying that he was put behind un-penetrability 12-inch iron doors, but when asked if he locked the door, the guard said "D'oh!" as the doctor turned away, the guard removed his mask to reveal to the Master! Who removed his mask to reveal to be jimmy Hendrix, Who removed his mask to reveal to be sly cooper, who removed his mask to be... The Master! Credits roll. End of P. 1. 6 episodes
(Exists in black and white)
057 The Claws of Axos The Axons land on Earth, desperately in need of fuel. They propose to give Earth a substance called Axonite, which will give humanity more giant frogs than it knows what to do with. The deception about the Axonite's beneficial properties was to facilitate the distribution of Axonite across the globe.

The Doctor goes to talk to the Axos and is brought to its leader. Suddenly, he removes his head and reveales himself to be... The Master!

4 episodes
058 Colonoscopy in Space The evil plan in this episode is the most violating yet, as deemed by... the Master! 6 Episodes
059 The Dæmons During a storm that whips through the village of Devil's End in Wiltshire, a dog gets away from its owner. He pursues it into a graveyard, only to encounter something unseen. When the dog is found, it takes off its head and is revealed to be... The Master! 5 episodes

Season 9 (1972)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
060 Day of the Daleks Rebels from a future Earth conquered by the Daleks travel to the 20th Century to prevent that from happening. But will their ratings return, or make it inevitable? 4 episodes
061 The Curse of Peladon In an ancient castle on the side of a mountain on the planet Peladon, Chancellor Torbis informs Patrick Troughton's son the young King Peladon that the Galactic Federation delegate from Alpha Centauri has arrived and will be presenting its credentials shortly.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Zoe are in the tardis. Suddenly, it begins to move. The Doctor explains that the Time Lords must be doing this to see if he is ready to be released, and because the hole Idea of him being stuck on Earth was getting kinda boring

4 episodes
062 The Sea Devils The Third Doctor and Jo the Sea Devils, the aquatic cousins of the Silurians.

When one of the Sea Devils, Bob the Sea devil, asks where his cousin, George the Silurian, went the doctor tells him the Brigadier blew him up. Sadly, just about every Sea Devil was good friends with bob, so they attempt to take over the world.

6 episodes
063 The Mutants The Doctor meets a man with a huge mole and tries not to look at it. 6 Episodes
064 The Thyme Monster The Master's latest plan involves Atlantean spices. 6 Episodes

Season 10 (1973)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
065 The Three Doctors The home planet of the Time Lords is under siege, by an unknown force that by all accounts should not even exist. The only person who can help them is the Doctor, but even he will need assistance — from his previous selves.

NOTE; The role of the first Doctor was played by, yet again, a cardboard cut-out. Except this time , they used old sound bits of him for his voice, which was sorta easy sense his only line in the hole episode was "Hmm, yes, yes, Hmm, Hmm.", as usual.

4 episodes
066 Carnival of Monsters Several monsters put on a carnival, and Jo will go to any lengths to get a ticket. 4 Episodes
067 Frontier in Space The Draconians think that the humans have sent the Doctor to be the emissary of the humans pretending to be a Draconian emissary who claims to be a human emissary, but the humans think that the Draconians have sent the Doctor as a human emissary disguised as a Draconian emissary who is acting neutral but gets kidnapped by Draconians because he's a Draconian emissary, but the Doctor knows that he is neutral and not a human emissary pretending to be a Draconian emissary or a Draconian emissary pretending to be a human emissary. Jo has no idea what the Hell is happening. 6 Episodes
068 Planet of the Daleks In the future, the Daleks rule Earth, leading to the Doctor's iconic line, 'Get your filthy plunger off me, you damn dirty Dalek." 6 Episodes
069 The Green Death The Doctor encounters a death, which just happens to be green. 6 episodes

Season 11 (1973–74)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
070 The Time Warrior The Doctor picks up a new companion, Sarah Jane Smith, who has opened up a club for anyone with the last name smith, and invites the Doctor along. The Doctor said he's good, but to thank her for inviting him, he invites her to go to a really cool place in his tardis. But when they arrive in the mid evil times on the planet Zorak, who is meddling with... stuff? 4 episodes
071 Invasion of the Cheesy Props The Doctor and friends are traumatized when they are attacked by a bunch of cheezy dinosar props, can they stop the menace?... well obviously, sense their is like 140 more episodes... 6 episodes
(Episode 1 exists only in black and white)
072 Death to the Daleks... again... title explains itself. 4 episodes
073 The Monster of Peladon In an ancient castle on the side of a mountain on the planet Peladon, Chancellor Torbis informs Patrick Troughton son the young King Peladon... oh... wait, that's The Curse of Peladon... I always get those 2 mixed up-- to tell you the truth, I'm not sure what happens in this episode... It must of been really cool though... can someone please watch it and tells me what happens? I'd really help. 6 episodes
074 Planet of the Spiders A really, really, really, really drunk Spider man accident hits the doctor with a club repeatedly on the back, until he regenerates. 6 episodes

Fourth Doctor[edit | edit source]

The 4th Doctor was portrayed by Bob Baker, who is probably the most deeply regarded Doctor Who, he literally defined the role. He was famous for his grinny grin and colorful Fro.

The Fourth Doctor was portrayed by Bob Baker, and is to date the longest-serving Doctor, having held the role for seven seasons.

Season 12 (1974–75)[edit | edit source]

Barry Letts die in 2009 served as producer for Robot, after which he was succeeded by Philip High cliffs. Robert Holmes helped us hunt them down along with Tarriance Dicks. All serials in this season continue directly one after the other, tracing one single problematic voyage of the TARDIS crew. Despite the continuity, each serial is considered its own standalone story.

No Title Description Episodes
075 Go-bot Wild imaginative Cartoonist Machine Robo is trying to think of an idea when he accidentally creates Leader-1. Originally meant for good, it went on a murderous rampage due to the fact that he couldn't do sh^t. Meanwhile, Spider man was hitting the third Doctor with the a club on the back repeatedly until he eventually fell over and magically deepened his voice and died his hair.

Meanwhile... at the Transformers animation studios... Leader-1 is trying to break into it, but he can't even do that so Scooby Doo helps him.

As the Doctor is investigating the incident, Sarah Jane Smith is captured, as usual, by the Go-Bot. As Scooby Doo tries to think of ways to kill her, Leader-1 is slowly falling in love with her. Can the Doctor save Sarah Jane from sure temptation?

4 episodes
076 The Smeg 'n Space The Doctor and his companions discover a mining ship labeled "Red Dwarf" floating around in space, and they soon discover that Not only is it more than 3,000 years off arriving to Earth, but they are millions of light years away from Earth. The only people on the ship are Holly, the ships computer, Cat, the evolved version of a cat that was on the ship, Rimmer, the holographic projection of a dead crew member, and Lister; the last serving human as far as they know. The Doctor and friends soon discover that there is a virus on the ship.

Meanwhile, Sarah Jane {incompetent of doing anything useful} accidentally discovers a statious leak in the bottom floor of the Red Dwarf, and is sent into 3,000 years earlier, where she is transported into the mens room on the ship. She is soon frozen in statious leak.

Suddenly, in the present, Rimmer begins to be affected by the virus. He and Mr. Flibber attack the red dwarf team and the Doctor. Can the 5 stop the smeg headed menace?

4 episodes
077 The Sontaran Experiment The Doctor and pals travel to earth to see if it safe for the Red Dwarf team to begin returning home {Meanwhile, on the Red Dwarf, Lister attempts to steer the Tardis} When they discover a Sontaron named... Bob... who is forcing a few a few surviving humans to listen to Hannah Montana music until their heads explode, and only 3 survive at this point. Bobs Quest is Find the humans weakness. And to find the Holy Grail.

This episode; including many previous and many to come; is written by the 4th Doctor himself.

2 episodes
078 Genesis of the Daleks The Time Lords summon the Doctor to do a task. They wish for him to go back in time, and on the way back, make a stop at white Castle.

Upon arrival, everything seems normal, except the discover the 2 races, the Leak'ds and the stalked, are at the peak of the 23-and-a-half thousand war. Sarah Jane is captured {as usual} and discovers they are too late; the Leak'd scientist named Davros has already created the Daleks.

CONCLUSION; The Doctor is sitting, with the wires in hand, if he places the 2 wires to gather, than the Dalek race is finished. When he explains that "some t6hings could be better with the Daleks; imagine the ratings in season 1 without the Daleks!" When Sarah points out that he has to do this as his task from the time lords, he asks "But Do I have the right?" harry then points out that the time lords have kinda given him permission, the doctor promptly tells him to shut up. They use the Generic plot device to go back to the Red Dwarf. The only problem is...

6 episodes
079 Revenge of the Cybermen The time travelers reach the Red Dwarf, but one thousand years early. Thus, the only people on board is Holly and the Race of Cats. While awaiting the arrival of the tardis, they discover that the radiation threat is over, but Holly has to wait for the Cat race to die down. They also discover that many Cats are dying, and they soon find that the culprits are none other than... THE CYBERMEN! 4 episodes

Season 13 (1975–76)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
080 Let Zygons be Bygones The Brigadier summons the Doctor to Earth to investigate the sightings of the Lock Ness monster, and they discover it is no myth, but actually a mysterious hand puppet made by the Zygons; who are trying to invade Earth and mess up everyone day.

Note; at the end of this episode; the Loch Ness monster eats Harry, so I guess there not really all that bad.

4 episodes
081 Planet of Evil This planet dislikes the Doctor. 4 Episodes
082 The Card Games of Mars It is the 19th of November 1911, at 19 hundred and 11 minuets. The Tardis dematerializes in the home of sibling scientist of Laurence and Mario Rocketman. Laurence needs the Doctors help, for his brother has been acting weird ever sense that car hit him, and also sense they found a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards in an archaeological dig. The Doctor discovers that Mario’s mind has been screwed over by the ancient Pharoph Raah, who was a powerful ruler, until he tried to ban card games and was concealed in a card. Now raah is trying to use Marcus to free him, and herald the end of card games. 4 episodes
083 The Android Invasion Androids invade. What did you expect it to be? 4 Episodes
084 The Brain of Morbius Solon's attempt at brain surgery goes poorly. 4 Episodes
085 The Seeds of Doom not to be confused with the seeds of Death... or am I mixing those up? The Doctor must stop the Seeds of Death Doom Death Doom Whatever, from turning us all into freaky plant things. 6 episodes

Season 14 (1976–77)[edit | edit source]

This season marks the return of the Master. The second master was played by Denis the menace.

No Title Description Episodes
086 The Mosque of Mandragora The Doctor makes a racist comment, causing Sarah Jane to get mad at him. 4 episodes
087 The Hand of Beer A decapitated hand found in the back yard of a local Bar tender takes over Sarah Jane’s mind, and forces her to go into a nuclear reactor, where he Keeps the rest of his body. He convinces the Doctor to return convinces the Doctor to return him to his world where he was wrongly exiled. But there is more to his story then he tells. It all started in 1800 B.C. when the legend was Born...

CONCLUSION; At the end of the episode, the doctor receives a telepathic message from a Time lord wearing a 'I am not the master' T shirt, and he has to drop Sarah off to return to Gallifry.

4 episodes
088 The Deadly Assassin The president of gallifrey is assassinated and the Doctor is holding the gun. But he’s not. But he is. I think it was their way of saying that he’s being framed... Anyway, He consist of help from the time lord Celery Canned to help them reveal the trader in the high console. Eventually, the trail leads them to a vengeful, Dyeing, Master, who wishes to harness the powers of rasilons most powerful discovery, George Cluney. But doing that would mean DESTROYING THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!! To stop this, the Doctor must get free of the fiction of the matrix. 4 episodes
089 The Face of Evil The TARDIS lands on a planet where the population is divided into two wearing factors; the Democrats and the Republicans. The Doctor himself is regarded as a demon by the Republicans, and to the Time Lords concern, he discovers that the statue of the Evil one is a replica of his own visage. With the help of the Republican warrior Leela, the Doctor discovers that the evil one is actually John Culshaw; who’s creation can be traced back to the Doctor himself. 4 episodes
090 The Robots of Death Please do not throw hands at me. 4 Episodes
091 The Talons of Weng-Chiang Another episode where the creators of Doctor who denies a religion, blaming its creation on alians. 6 episodes

Season 15 (1977–78)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
092 Horror of Fang Rock The TARDIS lands on the island of Fang Rock off the south coast of England in the early years of the 20th Century. The lighthouse isn't functioning properly, the power is being drained and one of the crew members have died. Things become even more mysterious when the Doctor is talking to Leela, and all of a sudden, he hears a loud fuzzing noise, and then a man wearing a max headroom mask is seen where he was standing. Who is draining the power from fang rock? and who is this mysterious Max Headroom inpercinator?

CONCLUSION; The alien among them sheds its disguise: it is a Maxian, a cosplaying life form, whose scout ship crash landed in the sea and is draining energy from the tower to power his pirating channel. The Maxians are losing their perennial war with the Elvizers, but by using Earth as a launch point for a battle fleet the Maxians hope to gain the upper hand.

4 episodes
093 The Invisible Enemy The Doctor is infected by a bad case of the swine Flue. Whuile the Doctor is in a colma, Leela somehow manages to pilot the tardis to a medical port in the future. There with the help of proffesser Auto Van Stupid, a clone of the Doctor and the clone of Leela are sent into the body of the Doctor to save him from eminent Swineness.

K-9 leaves Auto to join the Doctor at the end of this episode.

4 episodes
094 Cribbage of the Fendahl The Doctor and Leela play cards with the grim reaper. By the way, the grim reaper is a golden lady and a bunch of worms. 4 Episodes
095 The Sun Geekers The Tardis lands in Springfield in the 20th century, only to be captured by the collector.

Guest appearances by; Lucy Lawless

4 episodes
096 Underworld The quest is the quest. 4 Episodes
097 The Invasion of Time The Doctor returns to Gallifrey, having become president of the High Council following an illicit deal with alians known as the 'Not Humans.'He sends Leela to the outside of the castle, where she becomes aquatinced with renigade Time Lords and alian Hobos. Leela believes that the Doctor has turned Failure,but the Doctor is masterminding an elaborate plan to unveil the identity of the Not Humans masters and foil a sceme to invade gallifrey itself.

CONCLUSION; At the end of the story the Leela remains behind to marry his a minimum-wage paded guard named astred. As does K-9. The Doctor also reveales his box labeld Brilliant cliffhanger.

6 episodes

Season 16 (1977–78)[edit | edit source]

This Season featured a story arc in which the White Guardian, an ethnocentric God, hires the Doctor and Romana to collect the six segments of the Key to Time, which unlocks the Door to Time into the Bathroom of Time, but they must beware of the Black Guardian and his views of "Equality".

No Title Description Episodes
098 The Reebok Operation The quest for the Key to Time has begun! Romana becomes entangled with a foot fetishist, and must find out which pair of trainers is the first Key before its too late. 4 episodes
099 The Pirated Planet When on a planet full of people who botleg Doctor Who thanks to netflix, the Doctor and Romana discover that one of his Pirated DVD's is a key to time. However, the Captain (MOOOOOOOONS OF MADNESS!) will not let the Doctor find it easily. 4 episodes
100 Stoned in Blood The Doctor and Romana's quest for the next segment to the key to time takes them to the lair of some hippies with Hematolagnia! 4 episodes
101 The Anti-biotics of Tara The Doctor and Romana discover that the next key to time is a bottle of anti-biotics, hence the title. They become entagled in the politics of the bottle, and duel with a big-nosed count. 4 episodes
102 The Power of Kaptian Krunch A group of Jolly Grean Jiants {Smaller than they look on TV} hail down to what they believe to be their god-- Captain Crunch. But what is the key to time this time? Seriously, I don't know. 4 episodes
103 The Armageddon Factor The Doctor creates a time loop, then laughs at the guy yelling "FIRE!" over and over. Oh, and the Black Guardian shows up. 6 episodes

Christmas Special (1978)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
___ Doughtor Who? Because the White guardians revealed identity, the Doctor uses the completed Key to Time peace to make him, Romana and K-9 a fresh bootle of booze. The Doctor gives some to K-9 and he sings a Christmas song.

At the end of the episode, Romana regenerates due to alcohol poisoning.

6 episodes

Season 17 (1979–80)[edit | edit source]

Great healer charlie brown3.JPG

This season marked the return of Davros, who keeps up his example of dying and then coming back to the Daleks. He was played the second time by played by David Gooderson using the mask Friedlander made for Wisher. The mask had to be split into sections and rejoined to get as good a fit as possible.

No Title Description Episodes
104 Destiny of the Daleks The Daleks are trying to return to Scaro to retrieve their creator; Davros. The Doctor is not really interested, knowing that Davros is dead, being no threat; until, Davros DOES awake, saying Tis was just a scratch." 4 episodes
105 City of Death In modern-day paris, the Doctor and Romana discover a loop in time. In modern-day paris, the Doctor and Romana discover a loop in time. In modern-day paris, the Doctor and Romana discover a loop in time. See? It gets real annoying. So they discover it is being created by the multi- personality alian South Carolina. Can the Doctor stop the ruthless alian? And what will the team of luney Tunnes Back in Action think when they discover that the X-rayed poster reads 'This is a fake?' 4 episodes
106 The Creature from the Pit The Doctor gives a monster a BJ. 4 Episodes
107 Nightmare of Eden The Doctor and Romana head to the Garden of Eden and have bad dreams. 4 Episodes
108 The Horns of Nimon Romana is kidnapped and taken to a place where young foot athletes are sacrificed to a Horn-like-god. 4 episodes X Nada This episode does not exist. 6 episodes

Season 18 (1980–81)[edit | edit source]

John Nathan-Turner {Also known as JFK} replaced Graham Chapman as producer. Barry Letts returned, as executive producer, for just this season. Christopher H. Blimphead replaced Douglas Adams as script editor. In a return to the format of early seasons, virtually all serials from Seasons 18 through 20 are linked together, often running directly into each other.

Season 16 forms a loose story arc dealing with the theme of stupidity. Full Circle, State of Decay, and Warriors' Gate trace the Doctor's adventures in E-Space; they were released as VHS and DVDs set with the umbrella title The E-Space Trilogy.

The 16th season also marks the return of the master, first played by Perry the Platapuss then by Anthony Ainley.

No Title Description Episodes
109 The Leisure Hive The Doctor grows a beard, but Romana doesn't like it. 4 Episodes
110 Meglos The Doctor fights a cactus. No, seriously. 4 Episodes
111 Full Circle Romana is recalled to gallifrey, only to be sucked into the empty void of E-space. landing on the planet Alzarius, the Doctor meets a group of humans trying to rebuild their spacecraft, which crashed long ago, to return to their home ofTurranchila. The Doctor soon discovers theres something fishy happening on Alzarius, and its not the smell.

At the end of the episode, Adric stows on board the TARDIS.

4 episodes
112 State of Decay Still stuck in E-space, the Doctor and Romana go to a deserted planet govend by The Three Who Geeks, who keep the lockal townsfolk in a grip of obsession. 4 episodes
113 Warriors' Gay Romana wants to stay in E-space with the Tharils. The Tharils are more interested in Adric 2 episodes
114 The Keeper of Traken The Master returns.

At the end of the episode, Anthony Ainly character, Consol Tremas is taken over by the master, played by perry the platapuss, and Anthony Ainly becomes the master.

4 episodes
115 Bye, Bye, Tom The Doctor and the master are climbing the BBC airing tower.

"Why are we climbing the BBC's Tower again?" The Doctor Asks.

"Because" The Master ansers "There trying to censor the end of this episode!"

"Why would they need to do that?" The Doctor inquires.

"Because!" The Master sais, then pushing him off the tower. The Screen then reads censored. The Doctor's three companinons sit next to him, as he remembers his friends; Sarsh, Harry, K-9, and Leela, and his enimies; Daleks, Davros, Cybermen, Mary Whitehouse...

"Its the end." He sais "But the moment has ben prepared for... Ahem! I said 'The moment has been prepared for.' DARNIT PATRICK THATS YOUR CUE!"

"oh, sorry," The white man sais. He then jumps on the Doctor. The Doctor Then Regenerates. The new Doctor stares up at his 3 companions, he smiles happily. Credits Roll.

4 episodes

Fifth Doctor[edit | edit source]

Patrick Dividson, famous for his peach suit and multiple badges.

The Fifth Doctor was played by Patrick Davidson. His costume was inspired by the many years Patrick had spent in the army.

Season 19 (1982)[edit | edit source]

The 19th season marked an important point in television history. Never before had a man served as a damsel in distress.

No Title Description Episodes
116 Anthrax The Doctors new regeneration is failing, and he believes he has to find the Doctor {AKA himself}. He stumbles apon the castle Anthrax, where he believes he will find himself. The Females at this home sudgusts that he rests, but he insists on finding the doctor. Though this castle is hevenly, the female Zoot seems mysterious. Is it possible SHE is the Master. 4 episodes
117 Bored 'till Doomsday A race of frogs travel in a spaceship for 80,000 years, with a very limited range of inflight entertainment. 4 episodes
118 Kind of Tegans mind is taken over by a weird-snake-thing. 4 episodes
119 The Visitation The Terileptils come to Earth for their vacation. 4 Episodes
120 Black Orchid The Doctor plays cricket, which bores Tagan out of her mind. 2 Episodes
121 Earthshock PART 1

Filler, Filler, Filler, Filler, Filler, Filler The Cyber-Leader orders that the androids destroy them all.

Part Two

The Doctor and Adrick try to stop Captian Midknight from transporting his signal.

Part Three

The Cyber army begins their assault.

Part Four

At the end of the episode, Adric decides to stay on the ship. As the Doctor travels away, the ship exsplodes. For the first time in Doctor Who history, Party Music is played to the credits.

Part Five

Adric crash lands on Earth, the blast from the ship pushing him to there. Adric soon recovers, but as he looks up, he is eaten by a dinosar. "Excellent," a Cybermans head sais.

5 episodes
122 Flight of the Darned The Doctor meterializes the TARDIS above ground, and must take a plane to get it. The plane is not normal though...

They end up in the Ice age, or BBC BC, and miracuasly escape, speedly flying toward the clouds.

Meanwhile, at the Jodwell project at Pharos bank, the Master is trying to send a message to all of Humanity, when the Air plane knocks the top of the transmitting tower off.

This causes a brink in the Jodwell Project Security, who try and stp the Doctor from leaving by releasing a missile to stop them.

They miracuasly escape, along with the missile.

They then fly by the Valiant, where a Younger/Older Master {Depends on how you look at it} is waiting, where he releases his Toclafane to destroy the Airship, who create the BBC 1 logo again, to his annotance.

The Airplane then pilots itself to a death Star outside Earths atmosphere, where it flies along, being fired at by many turrents. Darth Vader tries to shoot him down, but just as his gun locks on the Plane, it flies off. All the Toclafane and the missile fly into it, but the Missile soon exsits.

Meanwhile, Sarah Jane Smith is trying to activate her weather Machine, but the plane flies by and is struck back in time, all the way to CBBC BC mode.

Episode 2; I'll take you back again

After overpassing the S.S. Completecoincedence, the Plane almost runs over Martha Jones, but, sadly, just misses. The ship then crashes into a moving TARDIS, the one containing the 10th Doctor. The 10th Doctor looks up at the plane saying "what? What???"

"See Doctor?" the pilot informs number 5 "Finest air craft in the world." An air bag then exsplodes in his face.

4 episodes

Season 20 (1983)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
123 Arc of Infinity The Doctor must investigate the mysterious findings near gallifrey and find out who is a Gallifrayan trador. Features the return of OH-MY-GOD. 4 episodes
124 Snakedance Tegan's new boyfriend (a snake) displeases the Doctor. 4 Episodes
125 Mawdryn Unspellable Mawdryn tries to impersonates the Doctor - "pay no attention to the pulsating brain coming out of my skull", he tells Tegan and Nyssa.

At the end of this episode; The Black gardian tricks Turlough into going with the Doctor, trying to assassinate him.

4 episodes
126 Terminus Nobody returns from Terminus, includeing Nyssa, who leaves at the end of this episode. 4 episodes
127 Enlightenment When the White Guardian warns the Doctor of great danger, the TARDIS crew find themselves on an Edwardian sailing ship in deep space participating in a race around the planets {??????????}. Turlough must finally choose sides, and at the end of the race lies the prize of Enlightenment. 4 episodes
128 The Bad Ham actor Many are the tales told, but no tales are told so often, with so much hitting of heads in wonder, or reapeating of exsiting past as this; The final chapter of the Bad Ham actor.

The tales of The Doctor and his companion, Bald Adric.

2 episodes

20th anniversary Special (1983)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
129 The Five Doctors Prologue

It begins with a clip from the end of The Daleks Invasion of Earthwhere the first Doctor sais

And one day, I shall come back, yes, I shall come back. And until then, there must be no regrets, no sorrow, no anxiety. just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Now please stop bothering me!

Part 1

The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough are still outside the castle of 'Aaaagh' from the last episode, and will soon be exsiting. Turlough is drawing a picture and shows it to the Doctor.

Meanwhile, in Croydon, Sarah Jane Smith exsits her home, K-9 out side. K-9 informs her he senses dangers and that the Doctor is involved.

Meanwhile, also in Croydon Cybermen are planting bombs around the TARDIS. "Iternate!" the leader orders the others. They do so, and the Tardis is sky rocketed in the other direction.

Back at Sarah Janes' house, K-9 continues to warn Sarah Jane, but she continues to not listen. All of a sudden, the TARDIS lands on her, and the 9th Doctor jumps out and runs down the street.

MEANWHILE, at Liberty Hall KEEP OUT, The Second Doctor and the Brigadear are talking, when the rest of the army notice the 2, and they are soon being attched by a jiant red Robot.

Prologue #2

After a quick re-cap, the 5th and 1st Doctors are seen talking, where The 1st doctor sais that their on the death zone on gallifrey. When Turlough asks how he knows, there is a sighn shown that sais the Death Zone on Gallefrey KEEP OUT.

Part 2

Meanwhile, at Absolutely capiton on Gallowayafray, the timelords of the High Consol finish Executing the Master and then the Naughty, Naughty president touches the Do Not Touch violin.

At the corpse of the Master, the Doctor finds a Rock, and tosses it out of his way, where it trippes Sarah Jane, then Suzan, bounces into the time scoop, lands into a time portal, knocks over the 7th Doctor, is knockes over the 3rd Doctor, gets cricketed by the 5th Doctor, Destroys the Labrotory the 7th Doctors in, gets cricketed by the 5th Doctor AGAIN, Destroys the Labrotory the 7th Doctors in SOME MORE, gets cricketed by the 5th Doctor FOR THE THIRD TIME, blows up Liberty Hall, trips Adrick {But noone can blame it for that}, hits the 3rd doctor at the heart{s}, knocks over Harry, bounces off the Loch ness monster, bounces off a rising knight, activates a bomb, bounces off the 6th Doctors umbrella, scares the second doctor with exsplosions, gets knocked repidedly by the 4th Doctor, the first Doctor then does the same, and all of a sudden, the rock breakes all the glass of f a very tall building, the 3rd Doctor then attempts to cetch it with his coat, but it flies by, only to bounce against the head of the Master, only THEN to be caught by the 5th Doctor.

Meanwhile, in the Trial of a Time lord, they are watching the 5 Doctors.

Meanwhile, in the 5 Doctors, they are watching the Trial of a Time lord. They quickly change the chanel to the 5 Doctors, though.

Meanwhile, the 3rd Doctor and Sarah Jane discover the most dangerous killing device ever divised; the Rabbit of Caerbannog. The 2 soon hide as Cybermen aproax. The 3rd Doctor soon warns her not to move, for if she does they will soon meat a quick demise. As the Cybermen approach, the Bunny attachs, and kills, all the Cybermen. The Doctor and Sarah use that opportunity to escape into the cave.

Ten Years later

The 4 Doctors are soon grouped together, and tell lord Boarosa that he has no time left and soon the hole high consil will be there. lord Boarosererahaha warns them that he is the president of gallifrey, and they are the nitorius renegades. Then all of a sudden, the 10th Doctor comes crashing through the window and the 5th Doctor uses this exuse to escape, quickly traveling the Tardis to somewhere else. When Turlough asks him if his other selves will be angry he replies "Furious." Credits Roll.

"The H. of Bidmead"

Season 21 (1984)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
130 Warriors of da Deep Bob the silurian and George the Sea Devil return for the second time, this time they plan to hunt down and kill the Doctor. 4 episodes
131 The Snooze Alarm The Doctor takes Tegan to the village of Nifty HairCombe to visit her grandfather, Tagen. There they discover that the villagers, led by sir George Harrison, are re-enacting scenes from Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. But the re-enactments have triggerd the awakement of Malkum, an alian being who feeds on badly written lines and john barowman being desprite for money. Harrison has fallen over the power of Malkum and is trying to free the imprisond one. 2 episodes
132 Orson Wells Freezer The Tardis lands in Orson Wells freezer in 1982, only to discover it is big enough to colonize in, which is exacktly what most of the remainder of the Human race has done. But mant people have been mysteriously disapearing lately...

CONCLUSION: It turns out Orson Wells has been popping in the freezer for a late knight snack every day, thus exsplaining the missing people.

4 episodes
133 Resurrection of the Daleks or was it the Revelation one? Or that Remembrance one? Those 3 are sooooooooooooo confusing! The daleks have caught a bad case of the swine fue, that only affects them because everyone else has already got a shot, they attempt to awaken their creator Davros to make a shot that actually works on pepper pots.

CONCLUSION: Tired of all the Death and suffering, Tegan, at the end of this episode, jumps from a tall building. Only to be saved by the 6th Doctor...

2 episodes
(45 minutes each)
134 Planet of Fire Turlough saves a drowning Slut University student named Peri Brown, short for Perifgghjfhjfhkv-ghjf-hkvghjfutu-ykvshkfdukolg-swh-lvewykrcuikeu-fvhkswfruo-lvchjkew-gfyehvdu-jlwgfhkslliam Brown. He brings her back to the Tardis to strip recuperate. But before she can leave, Kamellion, under the Masters control, takes the Tardis to the planet Sarn. There, they discover the Master is now inches tall, and he hopes to use the faffy taffy streacher to fix this. But Sarn has mysterious connections with Turlough's past. Very predictable Connections. Very, very predictable Connections.

CONCLUSION: Kamellion exsplodes at the end of this episode, and strangly enough, so does Turlough

4 episodes
135 The Caves of Androzani After exsiting the planet KO35, the Doctor and Peri develop a letthal poisoning called Spectros Toxaemia {French Translation: Oh shit, You're gonna die!}. as they search for the antidote, they discover a fued between Evil Scientist Shabalaba Dingdong and Door-to-door vacume cleaner sales man Morgan. Shabalaba falls in love with Peri, and shes okay with that, until she relises that her name would be Peri Dingdong. It is soon learned that the Doctor will not find an antidote for both of them.

In Episode one the Doctor gets shot with a rifal 17 and a half times, in Episode Two he is electricuted with 212.50 bolts of electricity 27 times, in Episode Three 29 thousand buckets of acid rain falls on his head, and in Episode Four 2 of his limbs are cutt off, yet he seems to be able to post pone regenerating until the very end.

4 episodes

Sixth Doctor[edit | edit source]

the Sixth Doctor was portrayed by Colon Beaker who dressed like coa-coa the clown.

The sixth Doctor's bright clothes and brashful actions separates him from any other Doctors, he also was the first Doctor to show such a dark and Evil side, as the picture shows. He nearly strangles peri in his first episode {But, come on, can you blame him?} and was greatly disliked after that. Colon tried to make his character seem better by doing multiple audio stories, in these however he dressed like a member of Sargent Pepper.

The official DVD box set for this season.

Season 21 (1984), Continued[edit | edit source]

The Sixth Doctor's introduction marked a more violent era in Doctor Who. This Serial was so violent, that it was pulled after the first twenty-two seconds.

No Title Description Episodes
136 The first Twenty-Two seconds of The Twin Dilemma When Peri begins talking nonstop about what has just happened, The Doctor bruftly informs her to shut up. After a second he sais "You Don't even know what a Peri is, do you, Peri?"

"No," She sais.

"A Peri is a companion on the Science Fiction Program Doctor Who, the only thing about this charector is, she's extremely annoying. And thats what you are. Ex-tremely annoying." The Doctor then began to strangle Peri. Episode ends.

22 seconds

Season 22 (1986)[edit | edit source]

The series moved back to Saturday broadcasts. All episodes were 45 minutes long, though all of the episodes also exist in 25-minute versions, and in 12-minute versions, and in 6-minute versions, and in 3-minute versions, and in 1 and a half-minute versions, and in 75 second versions, and in 37 second versions, and in 18 second versions, and in 3 second versions, and in 1.5 second versions, and in 75 milli-second versions, and in...

No Title Description Episodes
137 Attack of the Cybermen The Doctor discovers a group of Cybermen who are using a stolen time machine to go back to 1985 {hint, hint time machine, hint, hint, 1985} there they hope to destroy Earth, and thus stop their planets destruction in 1986. 2 episodes
138 Vengeance in Kentucky When the Tardis runs out of Coal, the Doctor makes an emergancy landing in Kentucky, which is stocked full of it. Kentucky used to be awesome, but all anybody does anymore is watch the Torchore channel on HBO. The Government of Kentucky is engadged in the negotiations of the slug-like creature George W. Bush who is trying to remove the Kentuckians out of their wright to sit on their buts and do nothing {e.g the American dream}. It is up to the Doctor to stop the ruthless W., and to break the natives of Kentucky from their dail cycle of video nasties. Freeze frame gonna drive you insane! 2 episodes
139 The Mark of the Rani The Tardis lands near the Paridise Falls, wear the Master and the Rani {a renigade time lord very similar to the master, but Female}wait for him. "Oh great!" he yells. "2 of my 3 jeneric bad guys, how could this be any worse?" And then the Monk walks into the room... 2 episodes
140 The Two Doctors The Time Lords send the second Doctor and Jamie to space station 7D18PATATO7CQTMCDFF78IO7 to put an end to the late knight parties that have ben disturbing the peace, but the Doctors old friend, The Paramedic, turns out to be a jeneric bad guy. When the 6th Doctor and Peri arrive on 7D18PATATO7CQTMCDFF78IO7, Jamie teams up with them to save The Doctor and stop the ruthless Chinees from ruining everyones day. 3 episodes
___ "A Fix with Sontarans" A segment of Jim'is Desprite during Colin Baker's run as the 6th Doctor, also starring Janet Fielding as Tegan.

The Doctor accidentally teliports Tegan into the Tardis in the moment of her falling to her death. With her help, the Doctor teliports a surprisinly-good-at-steering the Tardis eleven year old, who manages to land, but inconters Sonerons inside the Tardis.

CONCLUSION: Just as the Doctor is begining to like the boy, he removes his mask to reveal to be... THE MASTER!

1 episode, 9 minutes
141 TimeSlash The Doctor and Peri land on the planet Carful. The Doctor soon meets the Alian creature Taka, while meanwhile Peri is captured by a robot named Tinfoil, who wants to take her to the Timeslash to do things with her. The Doctor soon discovers a strange object against the wall. Taka exsplains it is the Timeslash. They were gonna call it the timelash, but then they slashed the budget so its called the timeslash. Its made of tinfoil, every thing theres made of tin foil, the sets, my ass hoe, The sets are made of tinfoil, the floor is made of tinfoil, I'M MADE OF TINFOIL! That music is made of tinfoil! TINFOIL! TINFOIL! TINFOIL! TINFOIL! TINFOIL!

Anyway, soon the Doctor learns the evil man Borat is behind this, but not before he can be placed into the Timeslash...

2 episodes
142 Reve... oh I think this ones Revelation of the Daleks but, again, It could be any of the 3. The Doctor discovers Davros himself is posing himself as great Healer of Trash Deposit. The only way to stop him is to goin forces with the original Daleks on Scaro. 2 episodes

Season 23 (1986)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
143A The Unidentified Object The Tardis is trapped on a tractor beam and is beamed up and brought to a gallifreyan spaceship where the Doctor has gained enough amnesia that he can't remember what happened to Jamie. He soon learns that he has been put on trial again for breaking the Dress code of time. He must act in his own defence, against the ruthless Valeyard.

The time lords reveal that the Valeyard will show 2 videos against him, and The Doctor will show 1 for himself.

The Valeyard's first choice shows the Doctor and Peri landing on the Distant planet Ravololololololololox, which shopping malls were supposed to be destroyed by a solar flare. They soon learn that Ravololololololololololox is actually Earth, but moved far away. They eventually run into two tresure hunters, Bevis and Butthead. They plan to steal the Robot Dracula's things, but that would mean destroying the planet!

4 episodes
143B Mindwarp Sil transplants Kiv's brain into Peri. A guy called Yrcanos yells a lot. 4 episodes
143C Terror of the Vermin
The Doctor's defence happens to involve him committing plant-genocide. The Time Lords consider that, and his outstanding criminal record from "The Race" and "The Airport Smugglers" and decide to increase his sentence. 4 episodes
143D The Ultimate Foe
The Master appears on trial, speaking from outside the Fiction of the Matrix. He reveals that the hole trial is result of the high consil sucking. The Robot Drathro's creators took the last Clondike bar, so the High consil went to earth, got revenge, then moved the planet to hide their deeds. More importantly, he reveals that the Valeyard is in fact the Doctor, the Doctor is really the Master and the Mater is really George Clooney.

At the end of this episode, the Doctor is found guilty and is forced to travel the Universe with an annoying red head as punishment.

2 episodes
(Episode 2 is 30 minutes)

Seventh Doctor[edit | edit source]

The 7th Doctor, Sylvester the cat, visits with relitives.

The Seventh Doctor was portrayed by Sylvester the Cat.

Season 24 (1988)[edit | edit source]

Tedd Pierce took over as script editor.

No Title Description Episodes
144 Time and the Rani The Rani comes back, and the Doctor dies due to falling over. 4 episodes
145 Paradise Towers Paradise Towers are NOT a paradise. Trust me on this. 3 Episodes
146 Delta and the The Three Bears The three bears are trying to lure the Doctor into their house in a "Goldielocks and the 3 bears scenario" so they can eat him, but, when the Mother bear falls in love with the Doctor, can he escape her kissing clutches? 3 episodes
147 DisneyLand The Doctor and Mel arrive on Ice world, a new ride in Disney land. They soon meet a girl working at a Chinese restrant called Ace, and run into their old friend Bevis who is trying to find Walt Disney's head which was rumored to be on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. As the Doctor tries to help him in his journey, things become more and more Dangerous... 3 episodes

Season 25 (1988-89)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
148 Remembrance of... oh, so its Resurrection, then Revelation', then Remembrance! It was one week after the Doctor has dropped Ian off, and Ian was all over the Road. He had ben hit by a delorian erlier, and he was felling a bit better, almost enough to get up, when... The Tardis landed on him.

The Doctor had been traveling around, when finally he rememberd he was supposed to pick up his dry cleaning {it took him 25 years} and soon discover that the Daleks are trying to use it to destroy Gallifrey {they smelled pretty bad}. Can the doctor stop the Daleks, and his old foe, Marvin the Martian?

4 episodes
149 The Happiness Patrol Some evil candies attack the Doctor. 3 Episodes
150 Silver Nemesis It's Remembrance of the Daleks, but with Cybermen. 3 episodes
151 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy The Doctor watches some good old Star Trek. 4 episodes

Season 26 (1988-89)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
152 Battlefield The Doctor and Ace encounters the evil threat of the Tasmanian Devil. Plus the Brigadear returns! 4 episodes
153 Fluoresent Light The Doctor and Ace travel to the Warner Brothers studio in 1988, a building which Daffy would later drive into in 2006. she soon relises that the mysterious happenings there are not Supernatrual, but actually Alien. 3 episodes
154 The Curse of Fenric Some underwater vampire zombies attack. 4 episodes
155 Survival When the Doctor is visiting relitives, he soon discovers that the Master {this time played by Wile E. Coyote} has hypnotized them and is trying to trick them into breaking into the BBC studios to cancel the series.

CONCLUSION; for the first time ever, the master wins in the end and cancels the series.

3 episodes

30th Anniversary special(1993)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
___ Plot Holes in Time The Rani has created a time loop for her evil deeds. Her intention is to ruin the Doctor Who franchise for everybody by making the series make no sense. She has already captured the DVD box ste of seasons 1-6 in the time hole, thus making the rest of the series cunfusing. This causes the Fourth Doctor to send a message to his remaining selves, warning them of the Rani's plan.

Forth Doctor; Mayday! Mayday! This is an urgent message for all the Doctors. It's vitally important that you listen carefully to me for once. Our whole existence is being threatened by a renegade Time Lord known only as the Rani! She hates me. She exspecially hates fan girls! Six of my earlier seasons have already been snared in her vicious trap. She wants to put the series out of action, and put us in a bad cross over with London's East Enders, trapped in a time-loop in perpetuity. Her evil is all around us! I can hear the heart beat of a killer. She's out there somewhere. We must be on our guard and we must stop her before she destroys all of my other selves! Oh ... Good luck, my dears! Now wheres my Eveven pounds?

2 episodes, 13 minutes total

The Eight Doctor[edit | edit source]

Paul McCartney, 8th Doctor Who, warms up before shooting.

In 1996, 7 years after the master successfully cancelled Doctor Who, the BBC decided to try to bring it back. They worked with Fox, DC comics, the nostalgia Critic, Wikipedia and WKYT-TV.

And so they decided to cast Paul McCartney, a famous British man anyone could recodnize. Other choices were Eric Idle, Rowan Adkadsen and of coarse, Alan Rickman.

Television movie (1996)[edit | edit source]

No Title Description Episodes
156 Doctor Who The Master, 7 years after canceling the show, is finally put on trial on the planet Scaro and is turned into Kellog's brand Jello by a rare race of Chipmunk Daleks. The master's last request is for the Doctor to bring his remains to K-mart. The Doctor puts the Master's remains in his TARDSIS, but as we all Know, Jello is EVIL and the master soon escapes from his box and forces the TARDIS to land in ChinaTown, where the Doctor is shot. A vetrenarium comes to take the body away, and as the Doctor regenerates from an animated cat into a libving legand, the Vet finds he mysterious Jello and eats it. The Master soon takes control of his body, but he sais it won't last long, for it is "Too American." The Master Then returns to the TARIDIS, to try and open George Clney again, in hopes of foring the Doctor to give up his lives. 89-minute television movie )