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Error 404: Intelligent women not found!

The intelligent women you are looking for do not appear to be available at this time.

Your standards may be too high. Have you considered opting for a non-standards compliant edition? Alternative editions include sane women and sexy women. These are often capable of the same basic functions that the average user is seeking.

In case of an immediate need for an intelligent woman, please try the following:

  • Reload this page until intelligent women are available.
  • Give up and settle for one that isn't completely demented.
  • Give up and settle for a doggo with a Ph.D.
  • Go to the closest library and begin coughing, people should come to ssshhh you. One may be a woman.

"Sane, sexy or smart, pick none: cause you're never going to see any in a woman!" - Oscar Wilde

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