Indian Head Test Pattern: The Complete First Season

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A scene from original opening. When it was rebroadcast after the show's cancellation, this was replaced with a new color version commonly referred to as those bleeping colored bars.[1]

Indian Head Test Pattern: The Complete First Season is a DVD box Set released by RCA[2] on Smarch 13, 2007. It contains all 365 episodes of the 1939 season[3] of the award winning animated TV series, Indian Head Test Pattern.


This collection contains every episode from Chief WXYY's[4] introduction through the first half of the "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute" arc.

Since there were so many episodes in this release, only stand-alone episodes will be listed by title

Episode # Title Characters Introduced
000 Chief WXYY's New Gig (Pilot) Chief WXYY
072 Chief WXYY and the "Competitive Sitting on Your Ass While Watching T.V." Competition[5] "Heart Attack" Bill
263 Chief WXYY's Kick-Ass Photograph[6] Cody Krome

Story Arcs

Arc # Arc Description Characters Introduced
001 Chief WXYY falls in love with, and eventually marries, a woman he met at a strip club.[7] Chiefette
002 The chief from the rival Moingona[8] tribe makes several meaningless cameos. Chief DCBB
003 The Chief and his wife conceive[9] their only son, John "Redcorn" WXYY. John WYXX[10]
004 Chief WXYY finds a garbage pile in his mansion. This is the first half of the Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute arc that concluded in the second season. The Garbage Patch Kids


Indian Head Test Pattern got an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Series, even though the Emmy Awards didn't exist until 1949. It was noted to be the first animated kids' show, although by 1958, it became more adult content, a move that some fans still haven't ultimately forgiven[11]. The adult content version of the show featured crude, kid-unfriendly color bars, of different colors.


The sales of this DVD exceeded expectations[12] and a feature film is presently in the works. The second season is expected to be released on DVD in color.[13]

Chief WXYY Says:[edit]

  1. Due to the distinctive bleeping sound they produced
  2. Of dome fame
  3. And the seldom-seen pilot episode
  4. Leader of the Apache Tribe
  5. Chief WXYY wins the "Competitive Sitting on Your Ass While Watching T.V." competition
  6. Chief WXYY poses for a photograph. With hilarious[citation needed] results!
  7. She was the one who serves wine to the strippers to keep them from becoming sober
  8. Shit Face in English. Des Moines in French
  9. The seventeen episodes depicting this were the most viewed of the season and led to the creation of the FCC
  10. Who later starred in the spin-off, King of the Hill
  11. Although the show's fans were all adults by then.
  12. By selling a whopping 3 COPIES!
  13. The switch from black & white prompted numerous fans to send in death threats

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