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Humour: 9.5 Almost perfect. I laughed really hard at this one! Don't know what else to tell you but that I am going to VFH this cause I love it so damn much. And it's presence on PeeReview adds to the humor a whole lot (get it? Pee Review=Pee test!).
Concept: 10 Awesome concept! Now I know how to properly take my urine test for work, and pass!!!
Prose and formatting: 8 Could be made longer a bit and more spread out. Make some paragraphs or subheadings to make it easier to follow along without getting too lost.
Images: 7 Appropriate image; needs one or two more to fit my standards. Also, try and make the captions a tad more creative.
Miscellaneous: 8.6 Avged it out
Final Score: 43.1 Awesome article! I absolutly loved it. This article in my opinion has passed its Pee Review piss test without any "major" anomalies. I will nom when you are ready to go VFH
Reviewer: --My rank in UNSOC Sir Unknown User (Talk : Cont : VFH : PEE : CUN) 03:31, 20 December 2007 (UTC)