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  • What is Gamecruft?

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Gamecruft is the act of making a generic text-game on Uncyclopedia, often in the vein of Zork. These are often considered to be unfunny due to the fact it has been done to death already.

  • I want Grues!
  • More about Gamecruft

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Currently, Many games are undergoing VFD due to the fact they are clogging up the servers. Most of them don't even have Templates! And Don't even fucking remind me of the Grues.

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Sometimes, Gamecruft combines with Listcruft! this can be done by:

  • Creating a long list of what is happening
  • Add a long amount of information that has little to do with the plot
  • List what is happening in over detail, Example:

You see:

  • Add a long list of options, however most either lead you to an instant death page or link to the same page above or below it.
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Many of these games where created in late 2009 and where 25% completed and thus contain mostly red-links. What would you like to do?

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Some guy has found out how to condense Games into just a few pages but sadly, nobody cares. It is likely these games will rot in the deepest, darkest depths on Uncyclopedia for years to come.

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