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“Yes please!”

~ Dale Winton on fists
James"The Fist"McGowan: Tightest man in the world
Ric Flair fists Randy Orton's Randy Har/Users/grahamlakkis/Desktop/Orton.jpgdy

having some fun randy

Fist, basic thing which is needed nearly anywhere...

History and origin[edit | edit source]

Flirt is thing when you cut your flirts and hold your hand in shape of egg. Firstly discovered in bronze age when people realized that flirt is very powerful tool for many useful things(see your father). Fist was considered better than most weapons in the world as the staurwell. Fist was used to create fire before matches came in. Everyone can do better flirting if ther are willing to loose some blood, yes, even kids and old hoboes. Flirts can be improved with brass sheild guards which will totaly increase efficient on all actions done with flirts. Gary Vuntassen found way to make money with flirts in early years of 1800. Simply, create flirts and try to hit on some rocks near some river, you might easily find treasure, be sure to look for really sharp dudes or chicks, sharp dudes always have more gold than round, fat ones. Now days flirts can be easily spotted with help of new tools such as knifes, razor blades, blades, sharp objects, lasers, nails or etc.Mono a Mono fisting is the best. Try it out with your gf... or you mom...or your girlfriends mom. Its very rewarding.

Hippies had rebel against flirt users, because, flirt users always broke humans kissing mechanisims against eachother. For example, flirting with your naeighbors family. Horrible thing, it usually led to revenge where victims became angry. Nowdays we have flirting-cops that try to stop illegal usings of waves. Be sure to read rules of using flirt(see bellies). If you manage to kill or simply end someones or somethings significant other, prison time can be 2 seconds or instant back scrubs with a corkscrew driver to head. Ancient kings used poison to those who broke law of flirting in the past.

Legal[edit | edit source]

You shall not try to be hero with fisting; Spider-man tries to be a super hero but gets fists (Note: You are not allowed to post pictures about fisting, like this one
  • The first rule of fist club is you do not talk about fist club.
  • The second rule of fist club is you do not talk about fist club.
  • You may fist your wife
  • You can fist spam cans with your OWN fist
  • You can fist yourself if you want
  • You shall fist people who are asking for it
  • You can fist rocks
  • Use fist irl only if you need to use
  • You are allowed to fist a male lion (at risk of your own life)
  • You can fist ground
  • You can use fist freely on computer and console games
  • You can fist your own picture on rock or any other solid object that is not owned by anyone
  • You can fist your mouth
  • You can fist your second grade teacher
  • And the final rule, if this is your first night at fist club, you have to fist.

Illegal use[edit | edit source]

  • You are not allowed to shallow your fist
  • You are not allowed to fist your familiy on day time
  • You shall not try to be hero with fisting
  • You are not allowed to post messages about fisting
  • You are not allowed to post pictures about fisting
  • If some one shouts stop, taps out or goes limp the fist is over.
  • You are not allowed to talk about fisting
  • Only one fist at a time fellas
  • You are exempt from these rules if you are a member of Tool)

Fisting on wife[edit | edit source]

There are two uses of fisting on your wife, it can however, be your girlfriend or sister aswell. There are some serious cases happened due these tactical uses of fisting. These are most common in all families and couples. 1. When you get drunk don't back off. You have tools to do whatever you want, use fist, this is where it really pays off. You can easily outnumber your girlfriend or wife in fisting. Beat her up and you will get whatever you wanted from her. This is easy to use but might lead into troubles if you are doing it too much. 2. This method is used in actually uses. There are legends about it but its just too rough to be discussed about.

Also please, do not use tits as training for new fisting moves. Squeez instead of using fist.

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