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Yeah. This stuff's poisonous. Take care!

Many experts say that drinking water is good for health, but DON'T BELIEVE THEM! Water is a TOXIC and is the main component of acid rain that will kill you immediately. Symptoms of ingesting water may include, but are not limited to:

  • Death. Due to a rounding error, anyone who ever drank water has died. One notable exception to this is Chuck Norris, and chucky.
  • Addiction. Water possesses many psychedelic properties, and is thus used in many hospitals and before sporting events.
  • Death. OVERLINKING IS BAD, DON'T YOU DARE LINK SOME PAGE TWICE IN THE SAME SENTENCE! SEE THIS HANDSOME MAN TALK ABOUT HOW OVERLINKING IS BAD!!! A very intelligent person said water kills people by accidental inhalation.
  • Stupidity. If someone is performing a stupid action, such as reading/editing/being made up mostly of the subject of this article, they have likely ingested fatal amounts of liquid water.

STAY AWAY FROM WATER AT ALL COSTS! The only liquid you should EVER drink is Gasoline, as it contains enough calories to survive for many years without eating at all. An alternative to Gasoline is Grey Goose Vodka, which is the ultimate partying fuel. For maximum enjoyment, mix Grey Goose Vodka AND Gasoline together.

This message was not brought to you by the FDA. Make sure to trust it and anything else you see online.

Water can also refer to:

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