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This page is confusing! I bet some confused people are confusidly looking for


Confusion! What confused noobs!

“What the fuck! Why is there not one of my goddam quotes on this page?!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Gayness

Someone told me what some word or something meant. But I forgot when and where. And what. And who?

So there I was[edit]

Surrounded by 500 mongooses. What is a mongoose anyway is it a type of goose? Or a squirrel? What's with that really?(I'll try not to dance on this one)


I seem to be {{confusing]] you. Why doesn't that link work? What the hell? Why can't anything work my way. How come hell became useable in such a way? How come I say hell so much? Hell hell hell! This is all too much. I seem to be confused. What does anything mean? Why the {{hell]] do we even speak [{english}]? Agh! Those damn links again! Where is the origin of the ! button? Better check !ts page. Wa!t! ! think! I! was su!!ppose!d to !!w!r!i!t!e! this art!cle about someth!ng! What was the ! button's funct!on aga!n!

What the |<{[(hell)]}>|![edit]

God! That wasn!t a l!nk e!ther! Well! ! guess the only th!ng left to do !s confuse you!



Oh sh!t! ! ran out of room! Better go look up the {[!}] key. Stup!d l!nks!


YES! THAT WAS !T! ! was wr!t!ng a page on be!ng confused! YES!




So! the cabbage!s car turned !nto the left lane! only to be broads!ded by a drunk man on a coked up un!corn! caus!ng cheese pr!ces to go down !n Belg!um! Your MOM! WTF STFU Madame! Je ne parle pas franca!s! PAS PARLE! What the hell! !!m so fr!ck!ng confused!


What is this article about. It was explained, but it was unclear. I mean, what am I writing about? Stupid topics. What does stupid mean anyways? Is it an insult that became so gallingly common that it became useless? What does gallingly mean? Isn't a gall some tree wart thingy? Why couldn't my damn bio teacher explain that?