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Hugh Grant, arrested for filming a sequel to Bridget Jones' Diary

Romantic Comedy is a form of Comedy designed for equal romantic and humourous effect. This of course has never happened. As by extraordinary coincidence, a Romantic Comedy isn't actually funny. It is also law that every single film with even a slight hint of Romance and Comedy combined must contain Kurt Cobain Hugh Grant. Or, Alternatively, if Grant is unavailable (snorting cocaine or shagging prostitutes) then a cheap, old, rotting piece of wood referred to as Paul Bettany will do just fine.

The 4 Laws of Romantic Comedy[edit | edit source]

  • 1 Must contain a bumbling, dithering English person. Hugh Grant...or, oh what's his Bettany, ooh that's it.
  • 2 Must also contain a fiesty American girl. Kirsten Dunst would be an acceptable choice. Note: In 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', Hugh Grant was attracted to a fiesty American man called Andie MacDowell. Scientists dismissed claims that she is female to be total fabrication.
  • 3 Everybody in England lives in big, fancy, posh country mansions and works in London. This is entirely non-fiction. Really.
  • 4 Comic Relief: Don't forget the Comedy! Add a character from Scotland or Wales because people from there are Wacky and kind of primitive. Honest.

The romantic comedy and war[edit | edit source]

The romantic comedy was used extensively in the various wars until it was made illegal by the United Nations and the Geneva convention who called it "the worst form of cruel and unusual punishment". Following an almost unanimous vote for the original UN resolution 90210 all the countries of the world and all the world's terror organizations other then Hollywood dis-romanticized all comedy. The only countries to vote against this resolution were the UK and Israel, these were also the only countries represented by women at the time (Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir).

The use of romantic comedy by Europeans almost exterminated some south american native tribes when most of the man were bored or schmaltzed to death while the women started expecting the man to think about things besides beer, sex and well.. more beer. This caused birth rates to drop since no women was able to find the promised "perfect man" who liked romantic walks, had a British accent (very uncommon with native South Americans at the time) and would rather watch dancing then football. This finally lead to the evolution of native South Americans into the modern Latin lovers, who like romance , have a sexy foreign accent and liked dancing almost as much as football. Oscar Wilde would later say "Without romantic comedy we would not have Antonio Banderas.

It is rumored that some modern armies started including women in their front lines as a precaution against romantic comedy warfare.

Notable Examples of Romantic Comedy[edit | edit source]


They suck[edit | edit source]

Trust me on this one.

Upcoming Projects[edit | edit source]

By looking at the Image above, it will indicate that there is in fact no Romantic Comedy that has ever been deemed watchable without vomiting. This is true to the extent that Mark Kermode was hospitalised for witnessing a repeat of 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' on BBC3. Upcoming Romantic Comedy Projects include Four Weddings and a Funeral 2 (Directed by Quentin Tarantino starring Uma Thurman as "The Bride") and Bridget Jones' Diary 3 (Written by Paul Haggis)

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