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bill wurtz is a handsome multi-instrumentalist, bill wurtz is one of the original, reasonable & creative on the internet you'll ever seen. Everyone likes/loves bill wurtz, if you don't like bill wurtz, that's just your opinion i guess. So, let's just say bill wurtz is like you taken tons of lsd. When you can't find good content after you looked at trending page of youtube (let's just it has jake/logan paul content in it) until the youtube recommendation homepage decided to recommend "history of japan"/"history of the entire world, i guess", you got interested in it & decided to watch it til the end until you decided to fall the bill wurtz rabbit hole & enjoy his music almost every single day like you used to watch mr rogers as a kid or listen to james taylor before.

one of bill wurtz songs on youtube

the adorable multi-instrumentalist perfectionist person that almost everyone falls in love for.

Career things[edit | edit source]

bill wurtz uploaded his video "History of Japan" to YouTube (although bill hinted it on vine/instagram before). It was so hilarious & filled with original jokes called "jingles", almost videos isn't related to bill is filled with it, including his the most. He won shorty award in 2016 & told the guards that he'll leave quickly cuz he has social anxiety & the announcer is so trying to be weirdly funny but sadly, the crowd is tiredly awkward of it. He also has a website called, but also has a questions page that everyone can ask him about everything, well almost. He also also has a vlog page alike called reality, he's thinks he's a dork & can't entertain zillons of people, also in fact a nightmare for anyone who collabs with him cuz bill's gonna tell you that you played the wrong notes. but bill forgot the fact he's a perfect genius qt for most weird/normal people.

bill did go to vidcon 2018 & XOXO film festival but sadly there's not much footage of it or to know a little here.

seeing youtube (since vine is dead) as a perfect platform to upload his contents on, he pumped out his songs, music videos, 2 history animated vids & animations like 'hi i'm steve' & etc... Everyone's so amused by his talents/works that they feel like they're in his dimension aka on lsd. Everyone worships bill as their idol for most parts, everyone would love to send bill good gifts like another instrument for him to play on, flowers/fan mails cuz fangirls/fanboys/stans exists but sadly he doesn't had a mailbox or anything similar like it. He been on genius (finally they got a good one) before. He was on H3 podcast before but it was awkward & confusing that most people thinks bill has a disability while the other side thinks that ethan kept asking the same questions few times that bill refused to answer it before (not handing this interview very well, etc) & bugged bill to turns ads on, which he did btw.

bill did also collab with scary pockets, also got featured on a bass magazine, woo, bill's a celebrity star now! he's also on DBAP episode 136 (Drawing Board Advice Podcast) & finally, bill's on a show/interview with mark vigeant. Cool, right?

After a few more videos that had guaranteed success because he hard worked on them, bill decided to take things easy and did not make a video for a while (1.5 year). This was met by some fans demanding/asking him on the ueqstions page that "when you make another vid?" 100 times & he said he's "working on it with his mixed wurtz & 3d style combined." while giving hints on it as well. Bill's 100% serious about his work & "bad person free".

Eventually bill made something that fits his theme coming back & so blazing and amazing and in extravagant 3D mixed with his style! (new and exciting) (maybe strange) called "here comes the sun", but it made it on trending so that was was cool. Now he's returned to what appears to be a schedule.

bill made 2 another video called "i'm a princess" & "got some monet" that everyone has fallen & very proud for him anyway.

Music he makes sometimes, or every-so-often[edit | edit source]

bill wurtz is known for making music to accompany the (mildly exciting) visuals in his videos. Most of his songs consist of being at least less than one minute, except for some, which isn't all. So that means there are some long ones. Like "La da da (ad nauseam)" which is kind of 4 minutes, but not cause it's actually 3 minutes and 12 seconds.

Conspiracy Theories[edit | edit source]

bill wurtz is known for creating videos that oddly contain many concepts like death, missing belongings, the end of the world, and places closing down. Theories have emerged since the Covid-19 pandemic lines up perfectly with the lyrics from one of bill wurtz's songs. The lyrics go as "i went down to the mall then they closed down the mall guess they don't want me going to the mall cuz i'm just too small" from the song "La de da de da de da de day oh." The lyrics describe what appears to be the environment of a pandemic, from the virus' perspective- with the virus being small and the mall being closed to avoid the virus.

The same conspiracy continues with "The (next) logical step would be the end of the world" which Postman would cause.