Bill Nye Saves the World

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Bill Nye the Pedo Guy; Spreading unscientific propaganda one at a time

 SJW on Bill Nye Saves the World

“Fuck off”

 Everyone Else

Bill Nye Saves the World is a gigantic piece of leftist propaganda that should not be confused with Bill Nye the Science Guy. This literally like those videos where the Nazis teach people Nazi Propaganda in Nazi school. America is totally doomed, go somewhere else, maybe Mars?

Details[edit | edit source]

As you can see, there are lots of Netflix shows that are about nostalgic revivals, but most of them are low quality shows that ride on nostalgia. Many of these shows offer no content whatsoever, and one of them is Bill Nye Saves the World. This "show" stands out of all of them because it's not about science, it's about teaching our youth far left propaganda disguising as science. It's basically Nazi indoctrination with a reverse agenda. By the way something suspicious is Netflix disabled the ratings system and cut the Gender part of Bill Nye the Science Guy, so welcome to 1984 where freedom is slavery and ignorance is bliss. You probably should not confuse science with garbage.

So why is it so bad?[edit | edit source]

It's all about some pedo looking guy who managed to sink everything he says to a black hole. At first in Bill Nye the Science Guy he said there are only 2 Genders and GMOs are bad, but later on Mosanto used their black magick to have him into saying GMOs are good, then he said Abortion/Global Warming is good, then finally now, he admits that there are 666 Genders. Then now he's going to spew out this vile piece of propaganda just to justify the sodom and gomorrah way of living, only to have everyone save for the hardest of SJWs becoming God-fearing Christians. He also invites experts into his show which includes an expert "opposed" to him and the other experts gang on him to say that he was incorrect. This is clearly some sort of shit propaganda show and nothing else. Everything this guy says sinks into a black hole, and the people who go into this don't practice what they preach.

Bisexual Ice Cream Cones[edit | edit source]

The true creator of Bill Nye Saves the World
...Or this is?

Another thing that Bill Nye mistakes with science is Bisexual Ice Cream Cones which are literally the symbol of Satan. It's basically where the straight vanilla ice cream cone gets raped by a bunch of LGBT other flavor ice cream cones and becomes bisexual himself and engages in a gay orgy. I ask all of you a question; Why is this even science? It's a type of ideology who makes people think that Azathoth is destroying this planet. Or maybe Azathoth made the Jews to destroy this planet.

WARNING: The symbol of pure vile

Anyway anyone who sees this video will pray for God to have mercy because it's a vile piece of grime and the end of humanity. But don't confuse God for Azathoth, i beg you. The latter will drive you insane. Help...Please somebody call forth the eye bleach, now, it's so horrendously awful! Also again please don't confuse God with Moloch because that can mean the end of your life and your kids. The Netflix cancelled its rating system before this for a good reason so you cannot criticize the unholy joint force of the blind idiot god and the child eater.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Overall this show is literally among one of the proof that humanity has became insane and you should not become human in all curcumistances. And i don't know what the true message is, but it might be telling you to sacrifice yourself to the blind idiot god or the child eater because you are no longer worth it anymore. Or it has reverse accomplished into making anyone fear god, if that is really God that is. And it has also made anyone who watches the show vomit their dinner out, so they did accomplish something, just not teaching people to become SJW marxists.

Plus it also makes Bill Nye the Science Guy into Bill Nye the Unscientific Faggot, so it did accomplish destroying him too. Watching this is way worse than any form of Rule 34 and i'm not kidding. This is the end and repent yourselves to God...Wait, is that god?

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