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(partly, or used to be)

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Came from Japan to learn British and American sense of humo(u)r.

Mainly active in Usopedia, the Japanese encyclopedia of humor and satire. Also have an account on Illogicopedia.

Not active in Japanese Uncyclopedia, as they prefer blocking new users to writing new articles, sadly.

Tagged as CHICKEN lol. Wonder how it works.

Surprised to find that some of the vandals are probably from Japan (well, that f*cking <nowiki> guy is probably from Yourpedia, one of the Japanese encyclopedia projects powered by MediaWiki).

I'm planning to translate some articles in Japanese Uncyclopedia or/and Usopedia. Hope they're funny enough for English Uncyclopedians.


  • Symbol for vote.svg For, but under the following condition:({{For|For, but under the following condition:}}) - a way to express something like this one we have in Japan. Also works with {{Against}} (ex.Symbol declined.svg Against, unless:).
  • Chatroom(IRC).
  • {{twitter}} - a cool template.

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