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Drifterz Logo
OMG teh slime
Drifter in his gamer form

“Man this guy is soo COOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!”

~ Some person on Drifter

“I heard hes gay”

~ Sam Shepard on Drifter

“He isnt you dipshit”

~ Drifter on Sams Response to drifter

“I was talking about Oliver james you fuck”

~ Sam Shepard on Drifter being an idiot

“You can watch Uncyclopedia, but you can't shag the sheep.”

~ Drifters awesome copy & paste on The 'This user is banned' Page

“That makes me very sad.”

~ New Zealander on not being able to shag sheep


Drifter or Ben (ben is his real name) was born in australia and lives in australia... he goes to some rich school and is a kind of nerdy guy... Deviousdan is his cousin =\

Lives to hate Sam shepard Will allways hate sam Shepard...

“When the time comes i will break free of this mother fucking body and take my revenege on this god forsaken planet and Kill Every Non-Living Thing”

~ Drifter on Breaking free of his body

Gaming life[edit]

Used to play pc every day untill his family got a massive fucking check for the internet of $2000 and ever since then he has been playing the PS2 And Xbox

Drifters Friend Reacting to the bill

his games include: Tremulous, Halo, Need for speed series, Need for Weed, Fast And Furious, Sonic The hedgehog (ok i lied about that one)

“I Gotz Teh Need... Teh Need For Speed!!!! and the need for weed!!!”

~ Oscar Wilde on NFS/NFW

Other Boring Bits[edit]

Blah blah blah[edit]

Random shit[edit]

Imma Chargin Ma Elmo
Da Shoopin Kit
A Trial Program To See If Your Credit Card Number Has Been Stolen
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Newly Added[edit]

  • And Recently Added Drifters WEATHER!!!! (Excludes the word Newz)
  • And also the Crappy Page BURN! The Game.
  • if you wish to know whether you are retarded or not do the test here

Here is a movie I was in[edit]

I was in this movie. Very awesome perhaps...

This was crap.

I am the horse. Gumby was portrayed by Mike. Andy has a special guest role as the fat guy who enroles Gumby to Oxford.