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The Comeback of the Year award recognizes contributions made by retired (or otherwise inactive) editors who have returned to Uncyclopedia.

Eligibility Requirements

To be nominated:

  • Must be a previously “retired” or otherwise inactive editor.
  • You cannot nominate yourself, but you can vote for yourself.
  • Rise from the dead.
  • Do some stuff (like writing articles, dummy!) and hope you get noticed by someone.
  • Winners announced at the end of January. If we have to. I guess.

Super prizes

  • A place in the Hallowed halls of Uncyclopedia for all time.
  • A shiny template to show off to your old friends, if you have any still living. But you probably don’t.
  • "Respect" of your peers at the retirement home.
  • Several seconds minutes of listening to stories about how much better things “used to be on” Uncyclopedia.
  • A pat on the head from everyone else.

Past Winners

See Voting Record for Full Details

Nominations for 2015

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