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13 September 2005

UNCITY — UnGames Entertainment announced that World War III: The Empire of Evil, the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning World War video game series, is to be renamed Cold War. Savethemooses, the UnGames CEO, agreed to give a brief interview to UnNews, explaining the company's decision.

"When we were underway developing the third installment," he said, "we suddenly realized that the word 'Empire®' was a trademark of George Lucas. So we dropped the subtitle, but then we received a DMCA warning from Encyclop*dia Dramatica, which informed us that they had recently copyrighted the word 'world®'. Therefore, we came up with a word that resembled 'world', yet wasn't protected by any patent nonsense. However, customers who bought World War I or II can continue playing them without any restrictions."

UnNews insiders provided us with some details about the game. It has been confirmed that USA and motherussia will continue their roles as the main characters, and adolfinator7 will not respawn, being banned from the server for aggressive behavior. Characters that are likely to make cameo appearances include Franc3 and poorman0.

The storyline remains a mystery. The original draft script, which leaked into the Internets, featured the world being destroyed by some kind of a superweapon (it is believed that Little Boy and Fat Man from World War II were actually a demo version of this superweapon). However, the CEO confirmed that this script was outdated. "Such an ending," he said, "would leave us without a possibility to design the fourth game, Cold War II. And this we cannot allow."

The game is expected to be released sometime in 2005. UnNews will stay in touch as more details about the plot are unveiled.