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22 January 2010

In space, everyone can see you tweet.

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION - NASA astronaut Timothy "T.J." Creamer made history this morning by using Twitter ..in outer space. Aboard the International Space Station with the Expedition 22, and logged in as Astro_TJ, this is the first direct use of the social network site from outside of the earth's atmosphere. NASA's spokesman, who also happens to be the guy who counts down from ten, said, "We consider this our proudest moment since they played golf on the Moon."

The following are the first tweets ever sent from space:

That last tweet was thought to have been a practical joke by Creamer, à la H. G. Wells and War of the Worlds. However, there has yet to be further contact from Creamer or the rest of the Expedition 22 crew. NASA has warned the public not to panic, but, as a precaution, hide somewhere safe for a good several weeks. Be sure to check Twitter frequently to see what's going on in the outside world.


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