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Monday, October 9, 2017

The chauvinist who made a sexist comment to a racist who has been outed by a homophobe who has been exposed by a fat-shamer.

An NFL star has made a sexist comment to a woman who has been outed as a racist by a man who has been revealed to be a homophobe by a Twitter user who is a fat shamer.

Cam Newton began the never-ending trail of online-shaming when he smirked and commented at Jourdan Rodrigue's questions about "routes", as though the concept of running in different directions might be too technical for the average female reporter, who would be better off asking questions about uniforms and cheerleading techniques.

Rodrigue, whose first and second name both look like typos, was initially haughty about the exchange, but this soon changed when several Tweets of hers were reposted, in which she referred to a white racing driver as a "bitch nigga" and wrote of laughing at her dad's racist jokes.

In turn, Jake Simmons, the Twitter user who exposed Rodrigue, had his own Tweets trawled for offensive material, and a 2014 tweet in which he described chai lattes as "a faggot drink" was retweeted by popular gay activist Jon Barrymore.

Unfortunately for Barrymore, the consequent interest in his own account led to users identifying a series of body-shaming photos he posted in 2013 featuring women wearing revealing clothes and the hashtag #FatAssNotBooty.

Social media expert Joanna Corey told UnNews: "The important thing to remember is that we are all fundamentally horrible. If you bear that in mind, you might want to be careful about what you tweet. In the 21st century, writing something racist, sexist, homophobic or fattist has serious consequences.

"It means you don't get to be a high-horse bitch."


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