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9 January 2007

This is a reference of remarkable wit and subtlety to that joke over there.
This is a reference of even subtler wit and remarkability to that joke over there.

WALES, England, Monday (Re-associated Press) -- After the ban of American editors and authors in Uncyclopedia, financial analysts and other experts have noted that the trove of high comedy known to many as Uncyclopedia is on the "up and up" as they say.

Uncyclopedia.org, a website which used to include humor involving anything from fart jokes to pseudo-racism will in fact now only include that lovable brand of humour known as "subtle" and/or "self-referential" humour. Readers seem to be very pleased that now all of the articles in Uncyclopedia's large (albeit sweaty) library will be those that cleverly parody what their title refers to.

The decision to ban all Americans from Uncyclopedia was a controversial one, but after it was conclusively proven that all British authors — even the ones that don't use Uncyclopedia and have never heard of it — were writing better articles for the webpedia than their American counterparts, everyone realized how silly they were and went home to read on their favourite, now exponentially cleverer, articles.

It has been speculated that within five years following the ban, every Uncyclopedia article will be devastatingly hilarious; an expectation that loyal readers have all taken to heart and the realisation of which they eagerly await.


  • The Atlantic Ocean.
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This is a trilingual pun of incredibly subtle cultural reference to that joke over there, as found in the works of Aristophanes.