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March 17: International Come Joke Day

  • ???? - The chicken came before the egg so the egg had to beat itself off.
  • 3090 BC - Onan told to come inside where it's nice and warm.
  • 29 AD - Jesus asks "all ye that labour and are heavy" to come unto him.
  • 1374 - First "Are you coming?" "No," "Shall I rub faster?" exchange recorded in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
  • 1594 - Romeo watches as Juliet comes out on her balcony.
  • 1812 - Rapunzel lets her hair down and invites a prince to come up it.
  • 1923 - F. Scott Fitzgerald comes onto Gertrude Stein at a crazy New Year's Eve party.
  • 1946 - Incontinent Masturbators Association (IMA) formed for those who don't know if they are coming or going any more.
  • 1953 - Edmund Hillary becomes the first man to successfully come down Mount Everest.
  • 1967 - Norman Mailer comes across an interesting Playboy article.
  • 1969 - The Beatles advocate sensitive lovemaking with their single Come Together.
  • 1973 - Thanks to advances in medical technology, transexuals start coming into their own.
  • 1985 - Kyle Reese comes back in time and impregnates Sarah Connor.
  • 1994 - Jeff Buckley reflects on a missed opportunity in hit single Lover You Should've Come Over.
  • 2007 - You have a bukkake party but nobody comes.
  • 2012 - Usain Bolt comes first in just 9.63 seconds.