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Gad durned children and their stupid computers...


Them kids with them video games and new fangled technology. It's all bad, y'know.


Health Effects[edit | edit source]

Addiction[edit | edit source]

Main article: Video game addiction

Despite the fact that video games are cool as fuck, video game addiction is proven and real. Video games are actually not designed to be addictive. The side effects of this semi-well-documented condition are quite widespread, and stem from social withdrawal to obesity.

Mass Shootings[edit | edit source]

Electronic video games have been proven by several non-loosely based studies to cause involuntary obesity and cause frogs to become gay. Similar to other atrocious influcers like water,defication, repeated oxegyn intake,consumption of edible foods video games have been correlated to mass shooters.

Public defication correlation[edit | edit source]

California LA is home to the Electronic Entertainment Expo degenerately know as "E3". Los Angeles also has been discovered to have the highest rate of public defication. Many experts have related methane released from cow farms to be similar to public defication cauessd from video games. The game GTA V takes place in los Santos and among the virtual world dogs have been seen to take massive shits on the road regularly, experts agree this has the inspirational factor causing 40 year old tweaker bumbs to release themselves on the streets.Therefore providing indesputable evidence that video games are a contributing factor to global warming.

Furry Hyponotization Program[edit | edit source]

"Ever since the invention of the electronic medium know as video games a rise in the species know as furries has occured" -Holly Baglio, youtube star

Video games, among other nefarious plots by the government to subdue and control the people has been found to have hidden MKultra therapy fused among its many images. Ever since the widespread use of handheld consoles in the 90's we have seen a 0.69% increase in the furry population yearly. Children's brains, who have not been fully developed are extremely vulnerable to this furry propaganda. Everything from animal crossing to far cry has furry creatures contained within there virtual realms,this has idealized the ways of the yiff yaff to many adolescents.

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