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You have the most awesome blurb next to your signature. I commend you!

Franz Kafka at the zoo[edit source]

I added a little to your brilliant idea on Kafka. I thought Gregor's case was the perfect legal precedent for the events of the classic sci-fi The Fly (original, not Jeff Goldbloom) and played around with a little blurb on that. Tell me what you think. --Major4 Major insignia.png 08:24, 18 April 2006 (UTC)

Front to back young Skywalker is[edit source]

On this article you describe atheism as " lot easier than being of any other religion". You are aware that an atheist is a person who is not religious don’t you? Many people around the world who happen not to be brought up in religious families are, shall we say, atheist by default. This can hardly be called a religion.

“If you're an atheist, beating the shit out of you suddenly becomes a hate crime! People will think you're more interesting, and they beat the shit out of you, they go to jail for a much longer time.”

I didn’t know that assaulting someone who does not practice a religion is a hate crime (to use US terminology). Again, I’ll point out that an atheist is someone who does not follow a particular religion. How can assaulting someone who is not Christian/ Jewish/ Muslim/ Jedi (insert every other religion) be a hate crime? Are there any cases of somebody smashing an atheist’s car window or refusing him jobs/ homes or losing jobs or people bullying his children? Yes, many cases in the US, but are there any such instances when the perpetrator has been charged with a hate crime (or even charged at all?) No and no respectively.

This article doesn’t make sense and seems to be a childish, illogical and almost back-to-front rant from someone who is pissed off that atheists are starting to be heard in the US; rants like this are becoming quite common now – wonderful! Nice work on the article then; vindicating, although a tad pathetic. Weri long wang 21:44, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

Writer's Block[edit source]

Hi, Spooner. I'm a n00b and I was thinking of writing an article called HowTo: Overcome Writer's Block. since you wrote Writer's Block, I thought I'd see if this was ok with you. I thought we could maybe link our articles together. OK, or should I leave it the fuck alone? thanks,---XOXOXO, Love ya! Sk8R Grl 00:22, 6 March 2008 (UTC)