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I, an Uncyclopedian of liberal mindset and distinctly unchristian attitude, do hereby swear to write, 'chop pictures, and write some more about my, and indeed all other Uncyclopedians, unbridled abhorrence of Christianity and the many good things that all True Christians™ stand for, like America, Mom, apple pie, baseball, shooting things, a literal interpretation of the Bible, the death penalty, sexual-education classes that don't educate about sex, no rights for fags, homos or queers, child slavery, anal sex and not having abortions.

My pure and unadulterated hatred of Jesus is clearly reflected in my, and all other Uncyclopedians, use of this Satan-centered wiki to make fun of people that equate atheism, agnosticism, and liberal religiousity of all kinds with satanism, cursing and lewdly rubbing up against people on the subway.

Warmonkey 14:17, 12 January 2008 (UTC)

Here are some pages I wrote (or rewrote beyond recognition), go read 'em and learn how the world REALLY works!

The Patriot


Glenn Beck

Donnie Darko


Hillary Clinton

John Kerry

Undead Kingdom