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 A little village with a big name Score: 2 Moves: 1

> Enter door on the middle

You enter the door, and enter the portal to a little village.

> look around

You see a road bordered by some trees, and a whole lot of people are standing on the sides. A decked-out off-road buggy suddenly races by. Then you realize that it's a rally race!

> Woah, cool! I've always liked rallies!

Actually, it's not a rally per se, it's just a race. The GS DEV TEAM apologizes for this error.

Getting back to the game, you see a sign that says: "Welcome to Pasawamakattchitropohu, Pennsylvania, Population 2,117." Apparently it's one of those places that have unpronounceable names based off some Native American legend. A "Re-elect Richards" sticker is stuck to the sign.

The sound of a train whistle draws your gaze to the north, where you see a train pulling into a train station.

There's nothing to do, so why don't you make something to do?