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The first publication of the work

Searching for Topological Degeneracy in the Hubbard Model with Quantum Monte Carlo was a seminal work in the field of topological degeneracy, showcasing the incredible effectiveness of using Quantum Monte Carlo-based methods. It also led to some of the first good data on the stress-sustaining abilities of graduate students whose work involved reading the paper.


Plots excel.jpg

The paper notably only contains three plots. Though fans of the work have lauded the "lucid and PhD-accessible" graphs and drawn attention to the "almost four different" colors, critics have noted that most look like they were made in Microsoft Excel. Few, however, doubt the importance of the plots to the overall development of theme in the work.

Character development[edit]

Though the characters remain largely the same over the span of the work ('a's from the beginning look like 'a's from the end), their design, from the beginning, is near perfect, and therefore needs little change over the course of the action.

Searching for Topological Degeneracy[edit]

Though great literature rarely discloses so much in a title, here we find an exception. Though other works have looked for meaning in human existence, or pined for pleasure in nature, this is a seminal work in that it is the first to search for the topological degeneracy of the human condition.

Finding Topological Degeneracy[edit]

While the work does not, admittedly, find topological degeneracy, it does ask the question, as is the role of literature. There is some assistance to the reader, of course, in the form of Quantum Monte Carlo methods, thus allowing the reader to create his own meaning while giving some guidance.


While the text deals largely with the search for topological degeneracy in one's life, there are many diversions into the author's theories of disorder and Z2 spin liquids. Additionally, the work is one of the first to deal with the use of spectral analysis in order to characterizes one's own psyche.


While the style is not, admittedly, particularly accessible, the work is still maintained by the critics to be "worth the status that finishing it confers." Even so, many amateurs enjoy the work, and it is regularly featured on book clubs.


While undoubtedly one of the great works of humanity, this work, stunningly, remains unread to the majority of the population due to the difficulty of the language.

Ignorant plebs.

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