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In early 2010, former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin attacked White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel for referring to a group of liberal activists as "fucking retarded." She called for President Obama to fire Emanuel, and simultaneously launched a political correctness campaign to bring attention to the use of the word "retarded," by urging people to rethink their use of the word.

Palin, who has a son with downs syndrome was deeply insulted by Emanuel's use of the word "retarded" while behind closed doors, and referring to liberals. In a statement to the media she blasted Emanuel for daring to "compare my son to those fucking liberals!" The controversial statement lingered in the media for weeks, while Palin desperately tried to explain that what she said was taken out of context, and that she was lured into saying it with gotcha questions by that darn liberal media.

which leads to the question: Am I using the word "retarded" enough?