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  • 24 Inventive Vacation Present Wrap Concepts - Ok, so what is a vacation present? A vacation? And how to you wrap a vacation up in wrapping paper? Or even a gift bag?
  • Mark's Corrupt Management Construction - This has several possibilities, if Mark is an Evil Genius.
  • Shave the Children - a charitable organization dedicated to the shaving of children.
  • UNICHEF - a charitable organization dedicated to the preparation of food by chefs.
  • American Human Society - a charitable organization dedicated to the protection of humans. (from aliens?)
  • Why?They're out to get us all - Who? THEM, of course. They who must not be named.
  • Pocket envy - I just learned that men's pants have deeper pockets than women's pants. I am envious. (See also: Wikipedia - penis envy for possible article layout/template).
  • Crackpot Town - someone attempted to start this article with just two sentences. How lazy (coming from someone who is basically lazy)! Surely I can expand that into at least 2 paragraphs. The possibilities: Crackpot politics, Crackpot home remedies, Crackpot scientific discoveries and achievements, Town neighborhood/district divisions.
  • Kiss or Kissing - Amazingly, we don't have these vital articles on Uncyclopedia. Then again, I started writing "Kiss" for a writing competition and found the scope was simply too large. Kiss as in chocolate kiss? Kiss on the cheek? Kiss on the lips? Family kiss? A complicated subject. Perhaps too complicated to finish.
  • Nonprofit organization - This topic is more convoluted than it seems. Lots of tax complications, lots of paperwork involved, lots of different types of nonprofits. Then there's the matter of comparing a business that never makes any money with a charity.
  • Gag order or nondisclosure agreement - Nasty insidious things, in many cases. It allows one party to legally shut up another party. Now on the other hand, an order issued by a gagged person....
  • Gag order, an order placed or issued while gagged, or an order not to complain about the quality of fast food.
  • Non-compete clause - Especially where it pertains to seasonal employees. This could definitely get ridiculous if overexaggerated.
  • Under the table pay. (A requirement to receive your paycheck underneath a table opposed to illegal nonreported pay.)
  • UnTunes: Seven Deadly Sins (I’ve got the sloth, sloth, sloth, sloth down in my heart.)
  • the town of chav.
  • The Interstate that never ends -
  • See also my additions to Uncyclopedia requests.
  • Several good ideas in the Category:Redirects with possibilities, and even more under UN:REQ.
  • Fugging because people got tired of Fucking - yes, it is a town name (or was). I suppose this could stand for fugly selfies.

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