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London, 1885[edit]

A cold and dreary London awaits

Full of shadows and fright

As screams of horror and delight

Fly freely through the night

"Awake Robert, awake my true love"

Shakes a fearful wife the shadow the lies near

"Awake and soar above this dream,

Be brave and rise above"

"Ach silly woman" growls a man, drenched in sweat

"Why have you awaken me? I was dreaming about that brunette".

"She was all velvet and silk,

her bosom seemed like it was just ready to give


"Sorry love, just woke up. Anyway"

..."And I shall name him Doctor Jekyll"

"The Brunette came to me her eyes gleaming green"

"And her voice whispered, your next tale I have seen"

"You shall tell it to the folk, big and small"

"And on the pages of history, your name they will scrawl"

"And to which lands will you now fly?" asked a wife with a warm smile

"Will you tell us of lions, tiger and bears? Oh my!"

"Will you to take us to a quest on the high seas?"

"Drown us in your words till we can nearly feel an actual breeze?"

"Nay Woman", breathed the man, his eyebrows contorted in deep thought

"You are wasting your turbid breath, and all for naught"

"In this tale I shall twist the bowels of the readers"

"Shatter the beliefs of the believers"

"I shall shake the laws of nature, maim the laws of physics"

"I shall create a new man...

...and I shall name him Doctor Jekyll."

"And he shall be a giant amongst men"

"And he shall be a true gentlemen"

..."And Mr winkler is GAY"

"And he shall cure societies' illnesses"

"And his name shall be a legend".

"But come dusk and the city naps"

"And the only sounds to be heard are the bat-wings' flaps"

"And the gentleman shall rise again, eyes dark and full of hate"

"And I shall rechristen him as Mister Winkler."

"And Mister Winkler is GAY"

"And by GAY my love I don't mean cheerful"

"By GAY I don't mean for his smile to twinkle"

"I do not mean for his laugh to roll as the wave billows"

"Oh no. No no."

"I do believe that Mister Winkler, likes to hug the pillows"

"I shall make him roam the streets"

"Wearing plush velvet and ample satin"

"And he shall giggle with high pitched voice shouting in Latin:

Utinam barbari spatioum proprium tuum invadant!"

"And screams of disdain shall accompany him wherever he goes"

"And the nights shall never be safe and all of humanities misery shall be exposed"

"And mankind shall tremble as civilization shall decay"


"That's nice dear" mumbles the wife in plight

"But please stop shouting in the midst of night"

"The good folk around these parts do not need hearing about your Doctor and the GAY"

"Let not your talent go astray".

And as he laid his head back with a look of sadness

His brow breaming with the glaze of madness

His lips formed one last time

The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Winkler the GAY.