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Well, I'm a relative Noob here, started the 20th of march. I thought I'd first do my bit for King and Country by rectifying some spelling mistakes left and right.
One story I edited gave me inspiration, so I wrote the Old Mother Hubbard entry. Said story might need a little bit of refinement, but there you go.

I reallly dislike empty links, so I also built some stubs Sci-fi, Amsterdam and Citizen.

Inspiration struck the 21st, culminating in two brand new entries: Vending machine and Metrosexual.

March 29th: Today I added the category Beverages and trawled the Uncyclopedia for beverage-related entries to link. More spellchecking ensued.
April 3rd Once again a lot of spellchecking &categorizing. Weeded out some superfluous categories & merged others.