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LinkTGF snarls upon you to show his blessing...
My years in Megadeth were less then spectacular... My best friend and I fought over groupies and Dave wanked himself into injury over a photo of Diana Ross (well, he thought it was Diana Ross, but it turned out to be Michael Jackson...)

First Things First, A Bit About Me:[edit | edit source]

  • I'm gonna whore my band, Deconstructed, right now ( and my side projects as co-producer on the last few Megadeth tribute albums ( as well as the Iron Maiden one we did.
  • I guess I'll also whore my online radio station (!
  • I'm a former ad designer and layout artist for a newspaper so I am very good at photoshopping ideas and taking other people's ideas and making them better than they already are - if you ever need something done and you already have an idea of what you want, just post in my user talk page :)
  • I'm a musician who is exceptionally talented at Photoshopping
  • My passion is writing music that you can thrash out to :)
  • My favorite bands and musicians include Metallica, Megadeth, Guns N' Roses, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Hendrix (teh list goes on...)
  • I'm the most recent user to get Wild Weasel's WASABI award :)

Uncyclopedia without RadicalX to Photoshop[edit | edit source]

A sample of the Photoshittery LinkTGF would wreak upon Uncyclopedia.

LinkTGF would attempt to take over and cause Uncyclopedia to totally suck. It would have images that LinkTGF thinks are clever (but really aren't) and all the entries would be really shitty. It would suck so much that it would be forced to change it's name to Encyclopedia Dramatica or Wikipedia or something lame like that.

Here is a list of topics LinkTGF thinks are funny to Photoshop (but others think suck):

In short, a world without RadicalX would suck.

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